Types of Japanese Ramen – All You Need To Know

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You may have heard about the many types of Japanese Ramen. If not, it is a Japanese dish that is created out of noodles that have been cooked in broth from an egg. It can also be made from various types of vegetables such as tofu, vegetables, beans, and fish. In Japan, it is said that ramen originated from the city of Kyoto, but now it is widely spread all over the world.

An Overview Of Ramen

A plate of food on a table

Ramen is a meal that was first eaten in the ancient times. The Chinese also used to eat it as their main food. They say that they have been eating it since early times. Now, you can enjoy the Japanese food by having this kind of food in your home.

Ramen can be classified according to the type of broth that it uses. The type of broth is very important because the type of noodles it uses is very crucial when you want to prepare the Japanese food. It can be either soy or so. Both of them have different types of ingredients and you need to know about them if you are going to make it at home.

Types Of Japanese Ramen

There are different types of noodles that you can use for making the Japanese ramen. Some of these types are the: Shio (Short grain) Noodles, Shoyu (Water), Tonkotsu (Boneless Pork) Noodles, udon, and gyoza. Each of these kinds of noodles are great for making ramen.

The soup base of ramen should be based on either vegetables or meat. The meat is said to be healthier compared to vegetables and vegetable soup base is believed to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals.

Kan Sai Ramen And Udon

In Japan, there is a type of ramen called Kan Sai Ramen. This type of Japanese Ramen is prepared from soy beans and it is famous for its flavor and aroma. Most of the people who prefer this kind of ramen is those who do not have time to cook it because it is very fast and easy to prepare. It is very simple to cook and is usually served cold.

The noodles of Japanese ramen are also different than that of Chinese or Japanese noodles. The most common noodles in Japanese ramen is the udon. {suba or shirataki. noodles are available in white or brown color and they are usually used to make the soup base. They can be added with meat, vegetables, onions, mushrooms, chicken and vegetables.

Things Used On Japanese Ramen

Noodles in Japanese Ramen can be mixed with different things such as onions, tomatoes and chilies. Some noodles such as Tonkotsu and Gyoza noodles can be added. The main idea behind adding the noodles is to make it spicy so that it can taste really good. These noodles can be prepared using different kinds of sauces such as soy sauce and sake.

One of the best types of Japanese ramen that is available today is the Japanese ramen called shabu-shabu. Shabu-shabu is made from seaweed, chicken and vegetables that are serving hot and is made into a soup that has a rich aroma.

You can also buy ramen noodles that are already cooked that will make it more appealing and tasty. But if you do not want to get your hands dirty, you can purchase ready made soup from the market and then just mix the noodles together.

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