Top Asian Cooking Essentials

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Asian kitchen essentials are specific tools that are found in every Asian kitchen. They are designed in such a way that they make cooking easy and efficient. If you are wondering which tools to buy to start your Asian kitchen, then scroll down below to find the essentials.

Carbon Wok

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A cast iron wok is the ultimate vessel for all kinds of Asian cooking needs. This is a hollow and deep vessel made from iron. It can be made non-stick by proper seasoning. An Asian wok is used for stir-frying vegetables, dumplings, noodles and many other items. It should be only cleaned under running tap water without using any soap. Soaps or detergents will remove all the oils essential for giving the typical flavour to your food.

Wok Spatula or Ladle

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A wok ladle is using for mixing ingredients inside the wok. This ladle is available in different sizes. It is available in silicone, wood, bamboo and stainless steel. Although the stainless-steel ladles are the best for picking up food from the bottom of the pan, they do get hot quickly. So one has to be careful while using them.

Wok Lid

A wok lid is an essential tool that is required to cover the wok while steaming or cooking food. This lid is generally made of aluminium and is very light in weight. You get it with a small knob on the top which makes lifting easily.

Bamboo Skimmer

A bamboo skimmer is used for lifting fried food items from oil. It is also used for blanching noodles or other food ingredients in boiling water. A skimmer comes with a long handle with a big bowl in the front to scoop up ingredients.

Deep Fry Rack

This deep fry rack can be kept inside the wok while frying. This rack helps in draining excess oil. You will not have to lift the skimmer for long to drain excess oil but just put the food on the rack to drain the oil. 

 Bamboo Steamer

This is one of the most essential tools for Asian kitchens. You can place your fish, wontons or dumplings inside the bamboo steamer basket kept inside boiling water inside the wok. This basket does not get spoiled even in water. You should place a liner inside the basket to enable easy cleaning later on.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is the most iconic and well-known Chinese pantry essential that you likely already have stocked. So many Chinese dishes use this ingredient, and nowadays, many western chefs are adding soy sauce to their pantry arsenal to add extra umami to their dishes. While soy sauce is very commonly used as a table condiment by both Asians and Westerners, you might be surprised to learn there are differences in taste, saltiness and color among soy sauce brands and soy sauces from different countries including Thailand, Japan, and China. Like anything else, everyone has their favorite brands. These are some Asian cooking essentials you cannot do without.

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