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There is always a problem of getting bones and small pieces from the meat removed. A meat tenderizing knife is very good for getting out everything from the meat. It should be easily chewable so the juices of the meat come out. People usually tenderize the ribs to perfection so as they are easy to digest. Meat in itself is heavy and needs some long hours of cooking to get the perfection of tenderness. If some tools are applied in the process that makes it more chewable and doesn’t have any bones.

The main aim is to just break the fibers of the muscle, this will usually give a juicy, tender, and chewy flavor to the meat. Animals develop a lot of muscle when they move or exercise. This is essentially the reason why the tenderness of the meat is required. The muscle itself has a lot of flavor to it. Hammering the meat muscles will give it the right tenderness. It is always a good thing to go for a tough hammer-style knife. There are many other purposes that it solves along with giving the perfect cut of meat. 

Stainless Meet Tenderizing Knife Mallet

Muscle of the meat is always tough, people prefer lamb or beef as the preferred choice. Now if someone is having the muscle it is bound to be hard. It is very much preferred to hammer them down so they become somewhat soft. Hammered meat would take a lot less time to cook to perfection. Meat should be checked if cooked from center.

The blades in the tenderizer work well enough to create pockets of holes. It helps in cooking the meat very easily. The flavors can be as basic as a pinch of salt and pepper then some people even go from exotic spices. It should be noted that after the manual hammering with a mallet the meat is rested. It is done to make the blood in the veins be rested. The cooking can be done on the grill or a pot. Barbeques are incomplete without the steaks, slow-cooked meat on a wood-fired grill gives it an authentic taste and flavor.

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  • Meat & Poultry Tools Type: Meat Tenderizers & Pounders
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Model Number: Meat007
  • Type: Meat & Poultry Tools
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: About 270g
  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Name: Meat Needle
  • Usage for: Hammer for beating the meat
  • Size: 15*13*11cm
Food on a wooden cutting board


  • Are heavy so every bit of muscle is broken
  • Are very easy to handle and use
  • Last very long compared to wooden hammer
A wooden bench sitting next to a fence


  • Spikes loses their sharpeners
  • Ribs get flattened after use and break off from the bone


The stainless steel mallet is supposed to last for a long period of time and that is very good against a wooden mallet. With tenderizing the meat gets very flat. It depends upon the choice of the person if they want their meat to be thin. But after hammering down the meat the marination becomes very easy.

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