The Best Ways to Prepare Delicious Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe

japanese shishito peppers recipe

This Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe is a perfect appetizer dish for any event. This flavorful blend of dried red chili peppers with cucumbers, onions, wasabi and spicy herbs creates a unique flavor that is spicy on the tongue but very delicious. The freshness of this dish will remind you of the sweet potatoes you eat as children when your mother would bake them into a pie. If served cold, this tender vegetable dish is also great chilled. A bowl of this is enough to enjoy before dinner with a light lemonade or soybean soup for an easy pick me up!

Begin By Preparing All The Ingredients

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You will need to begin by preparing all the ingredients. Heat some oil in a frying pan over medium heat, and add the peppers and garlic. Stir the mixture until the peppers are softened, then add the onions and wasabi, and let cook for about three minutes.

While the mixture is cooking, place your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe onion ring in the middle of your plate. Then place the roasted tomatoes on top of the onion ring. Place the tofu and other vegetables that you have prepared on top of the tomatoes. Cover the entire thing in some oil or butter, and then stick it in the microwave for five minutes.

Once it is done, take your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe into your kitchen, and cook it on the stove over medium heat. It will take approximately five minutes. Once the peppers are a blistery brown, remove them from the skillet and transfer them to the cutting board. Let the peppers cool down and cut them into pieces.

Make The Delicious Batter For Your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe

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Once you have finished cooking your peppers, it is time to make the delicious batter for your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe. In your frying pan or wok, you will need some water, oil, vegetable stock, and sesame or Chinese oil. Whisk together the water, oil, stock, and seasonings until they are totally dispersed throughout the food.

Add any additional seasonings and spices that you want to take with you. Then place your cooked peppers into your large bowl and cover it for about ten minutes. This allows the peppers to soak up all the liquid, but will keep it from burning. Just be sure to stir frequently so that you do not burn your food.

When the time comes to serve, just throw everything into your large bowl, and garnish with salt and pepper. You can also opt to toss in some lemon juice or soy sauce as well. Some people like to enjoy the food hot so they toss in a bit of oil while they are cooking. If you would like to enjoy your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe more, you can place it in your slow cooker at night and set it to medium heat. It will keep all the ingredients potted and waiting for your family to get home from work.

Store It The Refrigerator For Up To Three Days

If you would rather have your Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe cold, you can always store it in the refrigerator for three days. Simply toss in the tomatoes, salt and pepper, and mix in your lemon juice and soy sauce. After this preparation is completed, you can serve it with tortilla chips and enjoy a cold bowl of this delicious dish.

When you cook Japanese Shishito Peppers Recipe, you should keep in mind that tomatoes are naturally very hot. Therefore, you must take precautions when you are handling them. When you cook, never use any steel wool or metal spatula to try to extract the pepper. Instead, you should use a clean nonmetallic utensil, such as a wooden or plastic spatula, and move the pepper over your heat source until the seeds are totally soft. Then, using a wooden or plastic spoon, you can start to stir the pepper until you can strain the seeds out of the pepper.

As you can see, the key to Shishito peppers’ health benefits are due to their natural high calorie content. In order to keep your calories low, it is important that you limit the number of times that you prepare this delicious Asian dish. Typically, you should prepare it per serving (i.e. six) in order to keep your calorie count down.

Final Words

The great thing about Japanese Peppers is that they are very easy to make. In fact, making these healthy peppers is considered easier than making any other type of hot pepper. All that you need to do is to mix soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and water and put the mixture into a pan.

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