Sushi: How To Make Delicious California Rolls

Making Sushi Roll In California Style

One food that I can eat over and over again is sushi. This Japanese delicacy has made me crazy from the very first day of tasting it. The layer of rice in the dry seaweed sheet or nori sheet, having a filling of crabmeat or tuna fish is incredibly tasty. But going to a restaurant is always not possible. So I learned to make it. Thus, I am sharing the recipe with you too. If you are addicted to sushi like me, then trying this recipe in your home is a must. Though it is time taking, the outcome is worth it.

Making Sushi Roll In California Style
Making Sushi Roll In California Style

Preparation time – 45 minutes

Cooking time – 15 minutes


  • White rice – 1 cup, short grains
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Mayonnaise – ¼ cup
  • Nori sheets – 8
  • White sugar – 1 tbsp
  • Rice vinegar – ¼ cup
  • Crabmeat – ½ cup, chopped
  • Cucumber – 1, thinly sliced
  • Avocados – 2, peeled and chopped
  • Sesame seeds – 2 ½ tsp
Making Sushi Roll In California Style
Making Sushi Roll In California Style


  • Start by washing the rice in clean water thoroughly. You have to wash it several times so that the water becomes clean. Put it in a rice cooker and add 1 cup of water. Let it cook on low flame for about 15 minutes till the rice grains are soft. Put off the flame as the water becomes dry entirely.
  • Now in a small bowl mix the sugar with the rice vinegar. Stir it thoroughly till the sugar gets dissolved. Pour this mixture into the rice cooker and give it a mix. Keep the rice cooker aside till the rice becomes completely cold.
  • In another bowl, take the mayonnaise and chopped crabmeat and mix them.
  • Take a rolling mat made of bamboo and wrap it with plastic. Now place 1 nori sheet on it and do not forget to keep the glossy side downwards.
  • Pour 1 spoonful of rice on the nori sheet and even it out using your fingers. Make sure to keep some space free in the nori sheet. Spread some sesame seeds and press them gently so that the seeds get attached to the rice.
  • Now add the cucumber slices, chopped avocados, and crabmeat mixed with mayonnaise in a line on the rice layer.
  • Using the free space of the nori sheet, start to make the roll so that filling remains intact within it. The roll should be tight; otherwise, the fillings might fall outside. Once the nori sheets are rolled, press it softly with the bamboo mat. This way, the roll will become compact.
  • Now when the sushi roll is done, dip a knife in clean water and cut the roll in pieces of 1-inch size.


The mouthwatering sushi in California style is ready. You can devour them either with soy sauce or wasabi. Sushi is an excellent dish for any party or get-together. However, for that, you have to make all the arrangements in advance so that your friends or family get to taste the delicate and flavored and perfectly cooked sushi.

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