South Korean Food: 29 Of The Best Tasting Dishes

South Korean Food: 29 Of The Best Tasting Dishes

Korean cookery is the conventional cooking traditions and practices of the appetizing arts of Korea. Political and social changes have been faced during the development of the South Korean cookery. Moreover, the South Korean food has also emerged from the ancient nomadic and agricultural traditions in Korea and Southern Manchuria, and the Korean people then discovered South Korean food through the natural surrounding’s compound interplay. The said food is entirely based on spicy, vegetables, rice, and meats. Moreover, the side dishes also called banchan, are popular with south Korean meals. The commonly used ingredients include doenjang, sesame oil, salt, soya sauce, ginger, garlic, pepper flakes, chili paste & napa cabbage.

29 Tasty Dishes Of South Korean Food

South Korean Food: 29 Of The Best Tasting Dishes
South Korean Food: 29 Of The Best Tasting Dishes

Ingredients vary as per province. Many local dishes have become national, and the regional dishes have generated in distinct variations through our country. Moreover, foods are coordinated by Korean artistic etiquette. The famous 29 tasty dishes of South Korean food are as follows:

Chilli pickled cabbage(kimchi)


Pork Bulgogi

Korean Barbecue 

Hangover Stew 

Soft tofu stew 

Mixed Seafood stew

Kimchi stew

Fish stew

Spicy stir-fried octopus

Korean ox bone soup

Hotpot mixed rice

Korean mixed rice

Steamed Mandu Dumplings

Deep-fried Mandu

Noodles in ice soup

Mixed cold Noodles

Kimchi fried rice

Fried sweet potato noodles

Mung bean pancake

Korean blood sausage

Octopus mixed plate


Korean chicken skewers

Korean side dishes

Tornado potatoes

Gooey deep Fried Snack 

Korean tempura

Red rice cakes.

Special And Spicy South Korean Food

South Koreans developed a taste for spicy South Korean food after around the turn of the 17th century. Japan has been in the trade with Portuguese, while it had occupied Korea during 1592-1597. One of the food items that the Portuguese had brought with them was red chili peppers from Central America. Seafood is very popular in South Korea as it is a peninsula. Also, the Koreans have fulfilled the swing of food preservation. Maximum sides dishes are fermented, pickled or salted and are spicy. Moreover, there are more than 100 varieties of the national food of Korea named Kimchi and includes different vegetables to have with every meal.

Korean Food Is Lip-Smacking

The aristocratic cuisine and the complex tradition surround the food dishes of South Korea. Furthermore, a studied explanation has proved the Korean food to have a proper balance of spices, temperature, texture, and color. Also, the main meal is prepared with various side dishes to have with a pot of rice and soup. Moreover, the everyday meal includes a few side dishes, whereas occasional meals can contain more than a dozen of the same. The recipes are served not in courses. But, all at once. A south Korean banquet includes various dishes prepared in different ways. Moreover, the dinner consists of steamed and simmered, stewed and pan-fried, raw and fermented dishes. Therefore, the South Korean food is always both tasty and healthy and of course, lip-smacking. So, visit a Korean restaurant now and pamper your taste buds.

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