Some Very Unrealistic Myths About Indian Food

Some Very Unrealistic Myths About The Indian Food

Nobody can deny the fact that Indian food is one of the most flavorsome in the world. The aroma and scented herbs fill the air when you prepare the dish — their also many myths about Indian cuisine.

For beginners, Indian cooking can seem overwhelming. However, with the help of the right ingredients and spices, you can prepare the dish you want. Attempting to cook some for the meals like the biryani, for example, can be intimidating.

Indian Food Myths Busted

We will try to bust some Indian food myths like is spicy. The heat in some of the dishes can be too hot to handle even for some Indians. However, the spice and chili can moderate when preparing the meal.

Few regions in South India tend to add more chili in their food dishes. The same is not in the North because they prefer food to be flavorful and sweet. North Indians love their sweets and butter. Indian food is all about curries.

Some Very Unrealistic Myths About The Indian Food
Some Very Unrealistic Myths About The Indian Food

To a certain extent, curries are essential, but not all. You can find Indian recipes that represent tons of dishes apart from the curries alone. Indian food comes richly prepared. That is very true. Some of the spices used are ancestral.

Many families take pride in that. You will find that in some homes, food recipes more than a hundred years old, still used. The style of cooking mainly depends on the ingredients used in it. Some dishes take hours to cook and blend.

Some dishes like the naan and roti are quite healthy. These food items are prepared using the tandoor. The tandoor known for its abilities to make healthy food. The tandoori chicken is an excellent example of food cooked using the tandoor.

In the South, people prefer consuming items prepared from rice. However, with limited quantities, the health of a person can calculated well.

Indian Food Cooked Using Too Much Of Oil

Nearly every state in India has its delicacy and dish that you want to try out. In many homes, to recipes handed down to generations. There is a heated debate among many people that Indian food items are bulky and high on sugar.

However, the same can said about burgers and cold drinks. That does not stop anybody from ordering it. Consuming moderate amounts of these food items ensures that you are in good shape.

However, some of the food dishes like butter chicken, paneer butter masala, kheer (an Indian sweet dish) come loaded with calories. Most of the recipes cannot satisfied with just one bite.

Some Very Unrealistic Myths About The Indian Food
Some Very Unrealistic Myths About The Indian Food


You will need to take a few mouths at least. If you are health conscious, then, you can perhaps limit yourself to dishes with butter mentioned in them. However, other meals are light on the stomach, and you can quickly gain access to the food items from local stores and restaurants.

Most of the ingredients can purchased immediately. You must do yourself a favor and try preparing the Indian food once in your home.

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