Popular Asian Beef Preparation Techniques

asian beef preparation

The Asian culture has a vast array of different beef preparation techniques that are unique to the country they originated in. Some popular examples of Asian beef preparations include Mongolian stir-frying, Chinese hot pot, and Filipino adobo. The list goes on with many other countries sharing their special recipes for this hearty dish.  These techniques vary greatly but all have one thing in common: they are delicious.

Mongolian Stir frying

Asian Beef

Stir-frying has its origins in ancient China where metal woks were used to cook food over an open fire. The Mongolians later introduced stir-frying into their culture as well, and Tibetan cultures eventually adopted this cooking method as well, though they often use a flat bottomed skillet instead of around one. It is thought that the majority of Asian stir fry recipes originate from Mongolia.

Although the beef was not traditionally consumed by Mongolians they have now incorporated it into their culture with great success! This recipe is considered a healthy alternative to frying because most vegetables are blanched before being lightly tossed together with thinly sliced beef and a sauce made from sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic red chili paste.

Side dishes usually consist of steamed rice, pickled vegetables, and a spicy sauce made from garlic and chili peppers.

This preparation is a modern-day favorite across Asia making it a perfect meal for any occasion!

Chinese hot pot

Asian Beef

Hot pot is another common Asian dish that includes thinly sliced beef that is placed in a boiling broth with various other ingredients such as noodles, cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, and tomatoes which cooks while being stirred together at your table.

This is a fun way to eat because you can choose whichever ingredients that suit your palate by customizing the taste with different spices and sauces.

Hot pot is often served in wintertime, especially during family get-togethers, but is also great for any occasion!

Filipino adobo

The Philippines is one of the most beef-loving countries out there when it comes to Asia with 74 pounds per person being consumed almost every year.  Adobó was introduced by the Spanish after they took advantage of their love for meat when conquering them in 1521.

Although this dish is popularly made using pork or chicken most restaurants will offer beef as well which is usually served thinly sliced or cubed then braised in a soy sauce and vinegar marinade.

This dish is often served with rice and vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, and green beans on the side.

Adobo can be cooked in several ways such as roasting, grilling, or frying which gives it an exceptional depth of flavor that makes it stand out from many other Asian beef recipes.


In this article, we have provided you with a few Asian beef preparation techniques to get your creative juices flowing. These recipes are great for all types of occasions and will impress guests at your next dinner party or event. We hope that our introductions provide some inspiration in the kitchen!

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