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A rolling pin, it turns out, can do more than just roll. They’re most commonly used to roll out dough for pastries like pies and cookies, but they can also be used to roll out bread dough for pizza, cinnamon rolls, and pasta. 

About Pastry Metal Rolling Pin

Before using, chill the stainless steel rolling pins in the fridge or freezer. Cooling the rolling pin prevents the butter from separating in the dough and improves dough release. Every inch of the perfectly smooth, non-porous rod is a roller, allowing you to work with more dough and roll it to any shape and thickness you want. The dough will not stick to the smooth surface. It is also composed of high-quality, durable steel to ensure that it lasts a long time.

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How To Use Pastry Metal Rolling Pin

  • Dust the board lightly with flour and place the pastry dough on top. Dust with a little more flour. Coat the rolling pin in flour to keep it from sticking to the dough. In your dominant hand, forcefully hit the surface of the dough with the rolling pin until it is flattened.
  • More flour should be sprinkled on top and below the dough. Hold the rolling pin with one hand on each end. The pin’s central part should be pressed into the dough’s centre. In one swoosh, push down and roll to the edge. Roll out the dough to the opposite edges and repeat the process. Roll the dough a quarter turn and continue rolling, always starting in the middle and working outwards.
  • The dough flattens faster with an Italian rolling pin than with a French rolling pin. Place your palms flat on either end of the pin and bend your fingers to utilise it. Under your hands, roll the pin across the dough. As appropriate, continue to scatter flour on the chopping board.
  • To round up the dough, use a French rolling pin. One hand should be flat on top of the pin, firmly anchoring it to the dough. On the other hand, roll the pin in a rotational movement to create a rounder, broader shape. Roll the dough out again until it is totally flat. To keep the dough from sticking or ripping, lift and flip it as required.
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Cons Of Pastry Metal Rolling Pin

There are certainly no drawbacks to mention as far as the quality of Pastry Metal Rolling Pin. However, you can not roll tortillas using this tool.

Bottom Lines

Pastry Metal Rolling Pin is simple to maintain! Your new rolling pin, made of high-quality stainless steel, will never need to be oiled like wooden rolling pins, and it’ll be easy to clean. Just hand wash or put it in the dishwasher the Pastry Metal Rolling Pin and the cleaning is done without any hassle. 

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