Mouthwatering And Simple Quick Japanese Rice Ball Recipe

japanese rice ball recipe

Snacks and handy food are preferable in any country. Many of the people are fond of street foods and like to have snacks in their breakfast. Japanese rice ball recipes need common ingredients and an easy process to follow. Japanese balls are also famous as onigiri balls in Japan, and you can find them quickly across the country. The shape of the rice balls is like a triangle or circle. It makes the balls look more attractive and pleasant with a perfect decorative appearance. 

The Specialty Of The Rice Balls

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The rice ball is also famous as the Onigiri in Japan, and you can get the taste in the whole of Japan. You will find it like a snack and use it for birthday treats and small celebrations at home. The balls’ shape is like a triangle or circle, which look cute, particularly specific, and tasty. Its decorative appearance attracts a large audience and makes it more wonderful. 

Flavorful Substances In Japanese Rice Ball Recipe

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You will find a mixture of rice with many other flavorful substances like salt, pepper, sesame seeds, bonito flakes, sugar, and many other items. It becomes like a toast or a Japanese pastry. It has a beautiful wrap in sesame seeds or dry Seawood. Find the topping of rice balls through the Japanese ingredient shichimi togarashi. It can become the favorite snack of children, adults, and older citizens. You can enjoy a lot while preparing the rice balls. 

Ingredients List To Prepare The Dish

Sesame seed – It is optional. 

Dry nori seaweed – 1 to 2 sheet

Sushi rice- 4 cups that too steam rice

Salt – 1 dash

Small chunks and pickled plums filling in the rice ball will give a perfect taste to the dish. 

Process Of Making Japanese Rice Balls

Arrange all the ingredients in one place, ready before starting. Now cut the nori sheets into thin strips and get the steam rice at one corner. Take some salt on your hands and pick some rice and make it in whatever shape you want the dish. You can try a circle, triangle, square, and many other attractive shapes. After this, just put the small chunks and pickled plum over the rice ball and press it gently to let it in the ball. You can adjust the rice ball and make sure that rice absorbs the filling precisely. Now wrap the rice ball in the nori seaweed or sesame seed. 

Last Words 

The Japanese dish is quite tasty and easy to make, as it contains the ingredients that are available in your kitchen place. You do not have to make more efforts to get it from the market. It is famous in Japan, and you can find it in every street. People consume it at festivals and house parties. The best thing is that you did not have to arrange some gas stoves and heat them for hours for consumption again. It is good to go for family picnics and travel brunches. 

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