Make Sushi Rice in a Hot Pot Japanese Style

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This hot pot Japanese recipe is a simple yet delicious dish to prepare. It has several uses and tastes.

The first thing to know about this type of Japanese dish is that it is a rice cooker, a warm pot where food is cooked on the top and bottom separately. Usually, rice is placed on the bottom in the hot pot with vegetables and a sauce of soy sauce, shoyu, and mirin. When it is done cooking, it can be transferred to a serving plate.

Japanese Pot Cooking Tips

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This Japanese pot can be used in other ways aside from just rice. It is used for other types of foods such as soup and even stews. Some people like to prepare these dishes using a rice cooker. However, you can cook the same with this Japanese style cooker.

Other uses of the hot pot are in many Asian cuisines. It is especially commonly found in Chinese cuisine. Many Chinese dishes are made using this traditional device.

Another Japanese style is called ichiju-rye. This type of rice cooker is also known as the wok. Unlike the rice cooker, it is not usually used for cooking rice. Instead, it is used to cook eggs and vegetables. You need to have a wok to cook rice because this is a small skillet or frying pan.

Traditional Chinese Food Recipes

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In traditional China, there is a device called the tong. It is a heavy metal tool that is used to stir sauces and other foods when they are being prepared. It is a wooden spoon. When you want to stir sauces and other foods in your Chinese recipe, it is important to have a tong.

Chinese tea kettles are also called tsukubai. These are very popular in Japan because they are straightforward to use. A bowl of tea is placed inside and the lid of the kettle is removed. After some time, the tea is ready to drink. The other great thing about tea kettles is that it uses minimal water, so you do not need to make tea by boiling a lot of water.

Stay Cautious with Overcooking

Lastly, in this Japanese recipe, it is important to be cautious in using the pot. If the water level is high enough to cover the pot’s bottom, the food will get overcooked. If it is not, the resulting dish will not taste right.

There are several different ways in which this Japanese style can be used. However, these three methods are the most common in Asian cuisine.

First, you could use katsu curry. Katsu curry is a curry made with tenderloin. It is usually served with steamed white rice. You will find this type of curry in a variety of recipes. It is very popular in Asian restaurants.

Sweet Potato Recipes with Japanese Styles

Second, you could use sweet potato. Sweet potato is cut into small cubes and then cooked in oil until they turn crispy. The sweet potato is then steamed until the meat becomes tender, and it is ready to serve.

Last, you could use a rice cooker. You can cook rice on this device. After cooking, the rice gets drained, and the rice gets cooked. When you are done cooking the rice, it is now time to serve it with your dish. This is called tsukubai.

The rice used in sushi rice has a lot of starch in it. That starch will keep the rice from absorbing water, which can cause it to lose flavor.

Different Recipes with Fish

This dish also goes well with fish. You can put different types of fish in your tsukubai dish. A fish like a mackerel, octopus, or shad could go well with tsukubai. You will find that the fish is very tender while the fish and the rice flavors blend well to give you a great meal.

Another great way to prepare sushi rice in this dish is to make some steamed white rice. When steaming the rice, you should steam it under a pan with a little bit of salt.

Once you have steamed the rice, it is ready to serve. You can also add vegetables and fruits to it to make it more nutritious.

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