Kung Pao: How To Prepare This Chinese Favorite

How To Prepare The Delicious Kung Pao Chicken

It is not only popular among the Chinese but also loved by people around the world. You would be surprised that in China alone, some restaurants compete with each other using this dish. It is so fierce.

Chefs have to come up with their version of the dish. In an authentic Szechwan restaurant, the Americans insist on having the same flavor and taste like got in China. That is the beauty of the kung pao chicken dish.

Chinese cooking has gone to another level with these kinds of dishes. The kung pao chicken can tingle your taste buds when appropriately cooked.

How To Prepare The Kung Pao Chicken At Your Home

We will teach you how to prepare the authentic Szechwan version. This recipe uses less oil, and that means a healthy dish. The initial taste is always sour and sweet. Then you get the heat and the salt.

You must try and use the leg portion of the chicken for this recipe. The skin need not removed. Make few cuttings in the chicken before chopping them into medium pieces. Avoid making them small portions.

The chicken can be pickled using starch, cooking wine, and salt. It should not take more than five hours. Take a wok and pour in some oil. Allow it to heat for some time. Let it cool and then pour it into a container.

How To Prepare The Delicious Kung Pao Chicken
How To Prepare The Delicious Kung Pao Chicken

Add the oil, peppercorn, chicken and then chili into the wok. Cook them for some time until the meat is tender and cooked. Chinese cooking involves soft and juicy flavors, unlike Europeans who prefer al dente.

The Kung Pao Chicken Sauce Recipe

What goes best with the kung pao chicken? The kung pao sauce consists of salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, and MSG. Remember, to have the vinegar more than the other ingredients.

Otherwise, you might not get that tangy flavor. The whole idea of using the sauce as a dipping agent is to get the sourness. Take a medium bowl and mix all the ingredients into them. You can add some garlic, onion, and ginger.

The entire thing has to cook for a few hours. Now filter and drain the sauce out. Leave it for some time to cool before using. Always best to use it a few days later. The Chinese food culture has dominated the world cuisine market thanks to its wide range.

The kung pao chicken has several versions of it, you can prepare the one we have provided above. You can make use of the internet and find out more about the preparation methods.

Just that, do not overdo the sauce and flavors that can affect the dish immensely.

How To Prepare The Delicious Kung Pao Chicken
How To Prepare The Delicious Kung Pao Chicken


Usually, there are several cooking ways for chicken dishes. The kung pao chicken recipe is also no different. If you are keen on having chicken dishes prepared at home, then there is no harm in learning it.

Of course, when preparing the kung pao chicken recipe, please make sure to have all the ingredients. The tools also are required for preparation. Chinese cuisine needs sharp tools like the knife, fork, and other equipment to get the job done.

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