Know About Chinese Hot Mustard Recipe

chinese hot mustard recipe

Do you know Chinese have five keys of flavor that must be balanced with traditional Chinese medicine like sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and also spice? Flavors differ considerably across China. Rice is the main food in the south part of China. Chinese hot mustard is one of the famous dishes from China with strong, sharp, and pungent condiments. It is made from important powder and brown mustard seeds. There are many types of hot mustard recipes available, like Chinese hot mustard recipe, Chinese hot mustard sauce recipe, sweet hot mustard recipe, salt, and spicy hot Chinese mustard recipe.

Basic Hot Mustard Recipe

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It is easy to replicate hot mustard as it is served in many restaurants. Ingredients in the hot mustard recipe are one by 4 cup of water, one by 4 cup of dry mustard, 1

by four teaspoon salt and two teaspoon vegetable oil.

Preparation Of Hot Mustard Recipe

First, we take boiling water; then, we add vegetable oil, salt, and dry mustard. Then mix it well until it becomes smooth. You can make sweetheart Chinese mustard at home easily by taking certain Ingredients. The ingredients and the preparation are as follows. You need to have 1 cup vinegar, 4 ounces dry mustard powder, 1 cup sugar, and one large egg. Whisk together dry mustard and vinegar, then powder them in a nonreactive bowl. Cover mustard mixture and leave it overnight. In a small container,

combine the Chinese sweet mustard mixture and sugar. Use an IR thermometer to watch the temperature. Whisk together the mixture to combine. Kill the mixture until it

reaches 165 degrees and heat for a couple of minutes. Remove from Stove and store Chinese hot sweet mustard in the refrigerator for up to four weeks. The hot mustard recipe is then prepared.

Spicy And Sour Hot Mustard Recipe

Spicy and Sour Chinese mustard vegetable recipes have the following ingredients. It has 2 kg chinese mustard, ten pieces asam keeping, hundred-gram tamarind paste, 3.5-liter water, one tablespoon oil, two cloves garlic, two stalks of lemongrass, ten pieces dried chilies, one by four roast duck, and ten fried chicken feet. It also includes three teaspoons of oyster sauce and soy sauce.


You first need to Blanch the roast duck in chicken feet in boiling water for 1 minute. In a large pot,you should put a tablespoon of oil, saute the garlic and lemongrass, and the tamarind paste. Mix them all with one-liter of water. Add another 2 liters of water at the Asam, keeping dry chilies roast duck and chicken feet. Cook till it boils, and add the seasoning ingredients. Divide the Chinese mustard into three potions. Add in each potion after 15 minutes. Continue to cook with low heat for at least three hours. Then your salty and spicy Chinese mustard is ready.


So there are different ways to prepare hot and delicious Chinese hot mustard recipes. It completely depends upon you, how you keep it spicier or less. Though recipe will let you experience the real Chinese flavor sitting at home itself.

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