Japanese Hot Pot Recipe Revealed

japanese hot pot recipe

In this article we will look at how a simple hot pot can be made in the comfort of your own home. This cooking method is one that has not changed much over the years, and the ingredients are often the same if not the same ingredients.

The basic ingredients of a Japanese hot pot recipe are vegetables like tomatoes and onions, as well as a variety of spices such as ginger, garlic, sake, and shoyu. These can be a mix of any of these. You may also wish to have soy sauce or iron depending upon your preferences. While they cook, you will need to soak these ingredients in water as well. It is important that the water remains boiling hot.


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Once all of the ingredients have been soaked, rinse them very well and wipe them with a paper towel. When this is done, you will then add the vegetables and spices to the pan and stir fry them together. Stirring them well ensures that they cook evenly and do not overheat. Cook the mixture for a few minutes until you start to see some steam rising from the mixture. When this begins to simmer, add the chicken or fish into the pot, and continue to simmer until the meat is almost cooked through.

If you are going to make a restaurant style Japanese hot pot, or something similar to this, it is often a good idea to buy precooked ingredients and then just dump them into the nabe once they are ready. This allows you to mix up your recipe to perfection every single time without having to go back and re-trying the same old ingredients all over again. By doing this, your dish will become more seasoned and will retain more of its original flavor. In this way, you can serve the Japanese dishes time after time without having to worry about re-frying the exact same ingredients.

Castor Oil

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When you cook a Japanese pot recipe, one of the most important ingredients is Castor oil. This vegetable oil is used to help maintain the essential ingredients within the pot, such as the vegetables and fish. The Castor oil also helps to keep everything in the pot consistent, meaning the amount of liquid will be constant throughout. Another great addition to this type of recipe is the seafood. Since seafood tends to be rich in iron, it is a good idea to always have some on hand. Not only will it add a nice flavor to the mix, but it will also help the nutrients within the dish stay intact.

In order to get started, it is best to choose a basic recipe. Typically, these recipes include one or two types of vegetables as well as a variety of mushrooms. The basic recipe usually involves a cut-up piece of white onion, mushrooms, carrots and a green onion. Depending on what type of vegetables and mushrooms are used in the recipe, the amount of seasoning will vary.

Final Words

To make the actual food, all that is needed is a hot pot, a wooden spoon and some cooking oil. Once everything is ready, it is important to mix the contents of the pot together, using the spoon to distribute the contents. Once the mixture is completely blended, it is time to add the secret ingredient. This ingredient is usually the fish or seafood. A few drops of soy sauce are always helpful, as it helps to seal in the flavors within the Japanese recipe. If you wish to learn more about Japanese cooking, a trip to the grocery store may help you tremendously. You can purchase items such as mocha pot noodles, soy sauce, miso gourmet soup and more. With this new addition to your family cooking routine, you may discover that Japanese hot pot recipes are easier than ever.

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