Japanese Fried Rice Recipe That Has A Gratifying Recipe

japanese fried rice recipe

I really cannot tell you how differently it is prepared. However I can tell you how I like it and would like to share it with you. Let’s get cracking!

The First Rule of Japanese Fried Rice Club When you ask how to make Japanese fried rice recipe, you’ll probably be told that any old frying pan is good enough. Bonus: if you have a charcoal range, you can also heat the sides of the wok with the slightly higher cooking temperature. But again, this is not a scientific experiment. Each individual has their own preferred cooking method.

Wok Oil Not Regular Cooking Oil

But I do know one thing that every cook who makes Japanese fried rice recipes should always keep in mind. You absolutely must start by frying the rice in the wok, but make sure it is wok oil not regular cooking oil. Regular cooking oils will get stuck to the rice and make it tougher to fry. Remember, you want the rice to stick to the wok, not your hands!

The second most important factor that every cook should keep in mind when learning how to make Japanese fried rice recipe is, no matter what kind of pan you use, you need to make sure you stir it often. Stirring helps release the nutrients and flavor from the ingredients. I know it seems basic, but sometimes people forget about this important step. If you leave the pan on the burner for too long, it burns, especially if the temperature is high. In this case, sometimes adding more soy sauce makes it taste a bit flat.

Stirring The Ingredients

A plate of food with rice and vegetables

My next tip for the Japanese Fried rice recipe is to be careful when stirring the ingredients. Most rice dishes I have ever made required me to stir mine very gently. The reason I say this is because the mixture can burn easily if it is stirred too much. If it is stirred too much, it can also scorch, which is never good for Japanese rice dishes. Also, be careful when adding water as you do not want to add too much, because the rice may become too dry.

The third tip I have for this recipe is to avoid using a regular sauce to cook the rice. It is much healthier to use a vinegar-based mix as it will not only save you money, it will also enhance the flavor. Most restaurants will mix the soy sauce with rice. If not, you can substitute vinegar. You may also choose to go with an Asian flavor instead of a traditional American taste by using sesame oil or Mayo instead of soy sauce.

A Chinese Style Ginger

A plate of food with rice meat and vegetables

Another way to spice up this dish is to add a Chinese style ginger and garlic while cooking. Ginger and garlic fried rice is very popular in China and is also one of the most popular recipes from my own mom’s family. I have also been told that onions can also help with this recipe. One thing you should remember when stir-frying garlic is to make sure you keep stirring until the ingredients are well mixed.

A final tip for this recipe is to keep an eye on the rice. If it is too dry, it will not hold well together, but if it is too moist it will burn easily. Also, when frying chicken, always use skinless pieces. Skinless chicken pieces will retain more nutrients than pieces that have fat on them.

Coating Of Batter On The Rice

Start off with about two cups of water to start and then add about three tablespoons of fine grain rice and two cups of water. Put the lid on the pot and bring to a boil, stirring often. Remove the lid and let the mixture boil for five minutes. Turn the stove off, unplug it, and immediately place the cooked rice into a large serving bowl.

In order to make sure there is an even coating of batter on the rice, it is wise to use a skillet over low heat. Once the skillet is hot, you can move it around and turn it to allow for even cooking. Once the batter is even and thick, it is now ready for dipping. Use a paper towel to carefully dip the rice into the batter and then quickly flip it over to coat the other side with more batter.


The rice should be coated in batter to seal in the nutrients. It should be lightly browned on top and crispy on the bottom. When it is finished in this fashion, it is now ready to be stir-fried. This should take no more than a few minutes, as it will cook naturally in the wok along with the onions and garlic. A slight cooking time is all that is needed to complete this simple recipe, and it will give you a satisfying dish that contains not only the necessary nutrients but the natural Japanese cooking touch as well.

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