Japanese Food Recipe- Simple, Easy Sushi Recipe

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If you’re looking for a simple, convenient, and delicious recipe for sushi you should consider Japanese food. Yes, it’s true that there are other types of food but the fact remains that it’s the number one selling food in the world today. It’s for this reason that you’ll find a Japanese food recipe at any health food store or in a library somewhere. It’s the number one selling cuisine worldwide.

There are several theories about how sushi was invented, but no one knows for sure who was the first to combine the two cooking styles. The Japanese began their use of raw fish with rice as early as the seventh century, which is even before Rome’s pizza! Don’t laugh, sushi is becoming the new “it” cuisine. With such an astonishing number of people eating sushi all over the world and it’s becoming the number one selling food, you’ll find more articles and books written about it.

Little Known Facts About Japanese Food

With all these amazing facts you might think that sushi is just a passing fad and will disappear soon. Think again. You won’t believe what’s coming up next. This is a little-known fact about Japanese food, and it’s only because of it that you can enjoy the delicious taste of sushi today.

Japanese Food Recipe- Simple, Easy Sushi Recipe
Japanese Food Recipe- Simple, Easy Sushi Recipe

It was because of the fantastic and widespread popularity of sushi that Japanese people started to learn how to make sushi. Most people don’t know this but sushi has a history. The Japanese had an eating disorder, called bulimia, which was so bad that many of them would force themselves to eat even though they felt like vomiting. That’s when the idea of making sushi started.

In order to make it more palatable, they decided to try mixing all sorts of vegetables, meats, and seafood together to create something that had it all. They made a soup out of plants, something similar to what people today think of as kimchi. There’s just one problem, it wasn’t the kimchi, it was mixed with anything that looked good to them.

The Delicious Cooking Method Of Japanese Food

They were able to produce a soup that was actually tasty and looked similar to the traditional sashimi cuts used in sushi. And from there, they decided to start to blend these different meats into one huge mixture of raw fish.

The simple, yet delicious method of combining raw seafood and cooked fish was called “sushi”. The combination of hot and cold spices is what gives it the flavor, which is why you’ll find so many variations in sushi. From hot to cold and from spicy to light, the sushi chef will have a different version of the same dish for different seasons.

Now let’s look at the basics of Japanese food. It’s fairly simple and consists of fish (raw or cooked), vegetables, sesame seeds, sesame oil, rice, and soy sauce. You can easily modify the basic ingredients to suit your taste.

Japanese Food Recipe- Simple, Easy Sushi Recipe
Japanese Food Recipe- Simple, Easy Sushi Recipe

It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work

You’re probably thinking to yourself that it takes a lot of hard work to prepare a dish that only requires the help of an average person. The simple answer is yes. There are many sushi restaurants in America that are just paying people to stand around and wait for their turn to stand and flip sushi on a cutting board. It’s hard work, it’s unhealthy, and you’re not getting any benefits.

As far as sushi goes, it’s hard to be more perfect than using raw fish. The amount of nutrients that it offers is incredible and it’s healthy too. So, while you may feel hungry after finishing a sushi roll, there’s nothing wrong with eating more.

You may be wondering what kind of sushi you can have. Some of the most popular types are rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. Each has their own specialty, which is what makes each type of sushi so different.

Bottom Line

So don’t be discouraged if you’re worried that sushi is complicated, sushi is actually easier than you may think. Just remember to make sure that you follow the basic ingredients listed above and you’re ready to have some excellent tasting sushi!!

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