Instant Pot Asian Recipe And Dishes You Should Learn

Instant Pot Asian Recipe

Instant pot as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker all in one package has made cooking so much easier and faster. Compared to other cooking appliances, the Instant pot boosts energy up to 70%. The food will cook faster if the temperature is high. This benefit has made us more confident about cooking and exploring recipes. Soups and curries to meat and rice dishes with authentic Asian recipe on your dining table will be ready within half the time as usual.

Chicken Tikka Masala – Asian Recipe

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A classic Asian recipe that we all love has transformed into an effective instant pot recipe by cutting the cooking time by half and making it possible to have your Favourite Asian recipe without having to go out to a restaurant.

Chicken tikka masala is a rich flavorful Indian dish consisting of chicken pieces marinated in a rich spiced curry sauce. It’s orange in color and contains a creamy ingredient like yogurt or coconut cream.

Ingredients Used In It



Indian spices

Tomato sauce

Garlic and ginger

Coconut milk

Tomato sauce


Brown rice or any Indian bread for serving it with.

Korean Short Rib Soup

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This instant pot recipe will give you a delicious result with a nice and clean taste. Korean short rib soup is made by boiling beef short ribs with some of the aromatic vegetables. Normally, Korean people soak the ribs in cold water to remove the blood. Then wash them in the boiling water to remove any impurities and rinse everything clean before cooking it. Finally, the ribs are boiled with vegetables.


Short ribs


Starch noodles

Garlic cloves

Ginger slices


Korean radish

Salt and pepper

Soup soy sauce

Chinese Sticky Rice – Asian Recipe

This instant pot Asian recipe is perfect Chinese comfort food. Cooking sticky rice in an instant pot is quite time-saving as you don’t need to soak the rice prior. Chinese sticky rice is a classic Asian recipe made with long grain glutinous rice. It is chewier than regular white rice. The benefit of cooking sticky rice in an instant pot is that you can skip the rice soaking step. It won’t take too long to cook. You can just set the Instant pot and cope with other work without needing to check the rice continuously.


Glutinous rice

Water to cook


Any neutral oil


Soy sauce



Dried scallops

Dried shrimp

Chinese sausage

Chinese cured pork

Chicken bouillon powder

Frozen peas


Instant pot Asian recipe will surely satisfy your cravings without taking much time to cook. So pull out your instant pots and get ready to make these super exciting Asian recipes and enjoy them tonight tomorrow or on the weekend nights!

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