Ingredients Used In Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe

asian cucumber salad recipe

·         2 bowls of sliced fresh cucumber

·         2 small sliced onion

·         Red pepper

·         Black pepper

·         Few drops of vinegar

·         Few drops of lemon

·         1 teaspoon honey

·         Sea salt

Steps or procedure to make Asian Cucumber Salad

salad sandwich

Step 1- Take a medium-size bowl, add fresh sliced cucumber and sliced onion then add red pepper and black pepper in it and keep aside.

Step 2- In another small bowl add vinegar drops and a few lemon drops and one teaspoon of honey mix it then sprinkles salt in the same bowl according to the taste. 

Step 3- After that add this mixture to the first bowl which consists of cucumber and onion and mixes everything properly.

Step 4- Keeps it in the refrigerator for half an hour then serves the delicious recipe.

Main Benefits of Eating Cucumber

A plate of food
  1. Cucumber is very beneficial to our health. We should eat them on a regular basis for healthy glowing skin.
  2. It not only helps in maintaining our skin glow but also very beneficial to our hair.
  3. It contains various nutrients in it for example protein, fiber, carbohydrates, etc.
  4. Cucumber contains a very less amount of calories.
  5. Cucumber also helps in weight loss if you take them on a regular basis in the proper amount.
  6. Cucumbers have high water content so they also help in keeping us hydrated.
  7. As cucumber contains various nutrients and vitamins in it they also keep our bones strong.
  8. Cucumber also plays a major role in controlling diabetes.

Few Drawbacks/disadvantages of having cucumber 

Cucumbers are safe for most people to eat but there are some main points to be considered which are mentioned below:

  1. Few people find it hard to digest some types of cucumber due to digestive problems.
  2. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K so eating cucumber in huge amounts of high quality which is not required or which is more than sufficient for our body then it may cause blood clotting.
  3. People with allergic reactions to cucumbers should avoid eating them completely. 


So by looking at the benefits and few drawbacks the conclusion according to me is that adding cucumbers to our daily diet plays a great role in our life as it contains various nutrients and vitamins with zero percent of fat or we can say low calories.

Cucumbers help in weight loss and balanced hydration and lower blood sugar levels. Cucumbers are not only ideal for food, but they are also harmless to apply to the skin or eyes during a facial. In short, cucumbers are very useful in our everyday lives, and we do not avoid them until we notice any allergic reactions.

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