How to Prepare the Asian Pork Tenderloin Recipe

asian pork tenderloin recipe

Grilled Asian Pork Tenderloin is a staple of Asian cuisine and many Americans have come to love it too. Grilled tenderloin is one of my favorite foods from the Far East. I have even tried to prepare it at home with “homemade” seasoning and a Chinese-style sauce but always came out as dry as the other guy’s restaurant food. (That didn’t work very well either.)

I was delighted when we discovered this easy-to-make Asian pork tenderloin recipe and had to test it out. We made it several times and each time had the same result: moist, tasty, and not dry. Marinating the meat in a soy-based sauce and applying a sweet, smoky rub made the meat juicy and the flavors marry beautifully. When it is marinated, dinner is on the table within 30 minutes! We often serve it with white rice for an easy, quick dinner.

When serving this dish, remember to have a wide-blade griddle to cook the meat directly over. Using a skillet or cast iron pan will prevent direct contact with the hot sauce and reduce the chances of burning. We like to season our sauce with Chinese mustard but feel free to use your favorite pickle type sauce. For a true Asian twist, substitute Chinese five-spice powder for the curing salt.

Asian Pork Tenderloin Recipe

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Slow cooker recipes are almost a necessity in Asian food circles. With this easy-to-make Asian pork tenderloin recipe, that is definitely not a problem! Our Slow Cooker Asian Pork Tenderloin Recipe is the perfect example. The slow cooker speeds up the process of cooking the meat while also letting the natural tenderizing qualities of the meat go to work. Don’t be surprised if the tenderloin cooks faster than you think it would. That is exactly what the trademarked “Slow Cooker” name is for.

The seasoning of our Asian Pork Loin recipe calls for dried onions, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds, cornstarch, and black pepper. For the sauce, we prefer to use soy sauce. This allows us to add the soy sauce slowly to give it a creamy, smooth texture without the strong flavor of the actual sauce. A little goes a long way in this recipe. You’ll notice that as the sauce thickens, the loin will look as though it has been baking in the oven.

A Much Ado

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The final addition of our Asian Pork Loin recipe is the garnish. Typically, fresh scallions are added to this dish, but you may decide to use either fennel or flat onions. Again, this allows you to add the soy sauce gradually to create a consistency that mimics that of the cooking process. If using scallions, however, it is important that you leave them long enough to let the scallions swell before adding them to the Asian pork tenderloin recipe.

It is important to note that the instructions for these recipes are very specific regarding the amount of soy sauce that is to be used. As such, you should make sure that you are not understating the amount. For a thicker consistency, it is advised that you add at least a tablespoon of additional sauce to the Asian pork loin recipe that you are using. The sauce that you choose will affect the appearance of the dish as well as the flavor. You may choose to make your own barbecue sauce if you wish to make this dish appear more authentic.

Bottom Line

To conclude, if you are looking to find a delicious pork tenderloin recipe, you may want to look no further than the delicious confines of Asian cuisine. There are many different recipes that exist and the more familiar you become with these recipes, the easier it will be for you to create your own recipes. The ingredients are relatively simple to find and most stores have a selection. These ingredients include the meats as well as any additional sauces that you wish to use. The next time you are in your local marketplace, you may find the recipes that you are looking for and enjoy a mouth-watering dish.

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