How To Prepare Fried Rice For Chinese Buffet

How To Prepare Fired Rice For Chinese Buffet

Chinese fried rice for Chinese buffet has become a household name over the last few years. You can find many Americans relishing Chinese takeaways at home and consuming Chinese buffet — Chinese restaurants located in almost every street in the United States of America.

In this article, we have provided you with the recipe for Chinese fried rice. You can easily prepare it from the comfort of your home — the only thing you need to ensure it that you need the right tools and ingredients.

Common ingredients in Chinese buffet cooking include rice, garlic, mushrooms, onions, beans, and soy sauce. For non-vegetarian dishes, eggs, pork, chicken used.

Chinese Buffet Recipe On How To Prepare The Ingredients

Vegetables like beans, peas, and carrots mainly used in this recipe. However, you can use the kind of ingredients you are comfortable with. Remember, the slice all the vegetables so that it retains the flavors and tastes fantastic.

How To Prepare Fired Rice For Chinese Buffet
How To Prepare Fired Rice For Chinese Buffet

Slicing them into small pieces enables them to cook properly as well as give you ample nutrients. The tools for cooking also should keep ready before cooking. For example, you need a quality knife and a wok for cooking.

A wok is a deep pan that mostly used in all Chinese homes for deep cooking on high flames. It can look overwhelming initially. Once you use it, you tend to get used to it. For this dish, you need rice.

Chinese Buffet Recipe

A few cups must suffice. Chinese love to make use of soy sauce. Just add a few spoons to the dish when cooking, and it can make a huge difference. You also need some vegetable oil, sliced onions, pepper, salt, and eggs.

For vegetables, you can make use of sliced carrots, sliced peas, and sliced beans. Like said, you can use the kind of vegetables you like to add in the rice. You need a bowl, wok, and a large spoon to cook.

It is a matter of 20-30 minutes only. Depending on your taste and preference, you can add the ingredients accordingly — the Chinese fried rice made non-vegetarian. However, you are welcome to prepare it for a vegetarian dish.  

Chinese Buffet Recipe On How To Cook The Fried Rice

Now we can cook Chinese fried rice. To do that, you need to place the wok on medium-high flame. Let the wok heat a little and then add some oil to it. Once it starts getting cooked, you can add the beaten eggs.

It takes a few minutes to cook the eggs. Now add the rice, and allow it to cook for some time. You have to stir the rice a few times and not let it stick to each other. Now, you can add the soy sauce for flavor.

How To Prepare Fired Rice For Chinese Buffet
How To Prepare Fired Rice For Chinese Buffet


The remaining ingredients can added after some time. Allow the ingredients to cook for some time. When it is nice and warm, you can place the Chinese buffet fried rice on a plate. For garnish, you can add some basil leaves.

Chinese cooking usually does not involve garnish. They like to keep it simple. How the dish is prepared is enough. The texture of the dish itself is enough to make your palate tingle.

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