How To Cook Brinjal Chinese Recipes

brinjal chinese recipe

One of the more interesting Asian cuisines that I’ve experienced (and tried cooking) is the Brinjal Chinese recipe. The word “Brinjal” means “friend, and salty”. This is because the dish is typically prepared by soaking raw vegetables in brine made from salty water, then allowing them to be cooked in salty spices like salt, soy sauce, pepper, and vinegar. While there are a number of variations on this theme, this is one of the most authentic ones I’ve ever had.

An Overview

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Typically, Brinjals are served as a part of a Chinese meal, but they can also be enjoyed as a simple, light snack. The spices used in this dish can either complement the meat itself, or they can take away from it. For instance, you will often find a Brinjal Chinese recipe where the meat is simmered with Chinese white wine along with bay leaves. Some versions of the dish include ginger, scallions, and garlic. In order to extract the maximum from the spices, you should make sure to use fresh spices, not aged ones.

It is important that you marinate your meat for at least one hour before cooking. The idea behind marinating is to let the meat to absorb the flavors of the marinade, infusing it deeply into the meat. I have found that lemon juice is often an excellent marinade ingredient. Simply mix in some water or white wine, bring to a boil and then strain off the excess. You can use your blender to puree the marinade if necessary.

Stir Frying

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A popular strategy used in Chinese cooking is called stir-frying. In this technique, you stir fry fresh vegetables in a variety of different sauces until they are softened and mixed with your desired spice flavor. An excellent technique for making this type of Chinese dish is to use barbecue sauce and brown sugar instead of a sweet sauce. Both of these ingredients will give your meat a delicious sweetness, without overwhelming the natural spices in the meat. Stir frying is a great way to use up leftovers as well, since the excess sauce is easy to remove.

How To Make It

Another excellent Chinese recipe for beef jerky is beef pho. This recipe originated in southern China but has now become popular in American restaurants. Pho is simply beef stir-fried with various noodles and vegetables. You can use beef that has been grilled or braised, but be sure to avoid pork and chicken products. The flavor profile of these two meats is difficult to blend together and results in a less than desirable dish.

For an American version of beef pho, you will need bison brisket. You should drain out the fat from the brisket before preparing. If you have caught the brisket while still raw, you will want to allow the meat to cook thoroughly. When it is cooked, you can add it to your favorite beef stir-fry recipes. Many of the more famous Chinese recipes use beef that has already been cooked and then seasoned with Chinese spices.

Important Ingredients

One of the most popular Chinese recipes is beef char kway teo. This dish is typically served when there are guests at the table, and it is typically a meat and two vegetable dishes. The meat is typically thick, giving it a nice chew. Chinese people typically cook their meat using different cuts and then mix and match to create a variety of interesting flavors. Some people prefer char kway teo that has been lightly steamed, while others like it cooked until it is really tender.


Once you have prepared these classic Chinese dishes, you can always use them in more complicated recipes. Of course you can always find a Chinese recipe for brinjal to make it even easier. You can make a bridal salad or a nice accompaniment to your beef. You can also use beef as the basis for a vegetarian dish such as char kway teo. Regardless, of what you decide to use beef for in your Chinese recipe, just remember that you will not be disappointed with the results.

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