How to Cook a Chinese Roast Duck Recipe – Learn About the Proper Way to Cook This Dish

chinese roast duck recipe

Chinese Roast Duck (aka Red Duck) is probably one of the most famous Chinese recipes. It is very simple to make, easy to find and very healthy too. This Chinese roast duck recipe shows how to cook a tender and juicy duck in a skillet. People cook duck in various kind of dishes all over the world, but probably the most popular way to cook this white-flavored duck is frying. Here I have described the perfect recipe of frying duck.

Chinese Roast Duck Recipe

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The first step in this Chinese roast duck recipe is to prepare the duck for frying. You can use either white or dark meat for frying. If you want to add a little of extra flavor to your duck, you can add it in the marinade before you start to cook the recipe. You can add some soy sauce or sesame oil as a marinade. After applying a marinade, you can leave the duck to soak in warm water for about fifteen minutes so that you can begin cooking it in your oven.

Preheat your oven and place the duck in the oven at 400F. Use a roasting rack in case the duck requires more than one roast. Thoroughly brown the outer side of the duck by rubbing the fat on it with a paper towel. Once brown, remove the duck from the oven and wipe it down with a paper towel again to remove any excess fat.

Remove the duck from the oven and place it on a large plate. Turn the duck breast side up and cut off its shoulder bones and wing tips. The remaining pieces of the duck can be cut into thin slices depending on your desire. Place these pieces on top of your prepared roast. You will now want to brown the rest of the duck.

Main Process

In a large saute, cook the duck pieces until they are golden brown. Add your lemon juice and sugar to the pan along with a quarter teaspoon of Chinese smoked fish sauce. Cover the lid of your oven and let the duck cook for approximately five minutes. Once the duck is done, remove it from the heat and let it cool down. Once the duck is cool down, place it in your prepared dish and drizzle it with any red wine that you want. You can serve this duck dish with any type of Chinese vegetable you wish.

In order to make this Chinese roast duck recipe with a true one, you must first master the art of poaching. Quoting from the classic Chinese cookbook “Yi Zhaoren”, the proper method of cooking duck involves taking out the bones and using a pressure cooker to cook the meat while it is still soft. Once the bones are removed, place them in your vacuum seal bag and carefully pour in boiling water until it’s about one inch from the breaking point. Remove the duck from the bag and place it in your pot or pan, and then add soy sauce, white pepper, and garlic.

Bring your duck to room temperature and add salt to the cavity of the duck by putting it in your microwave for about thirty seconds. Remove the duck from the microwave and place in your prepared oven while making sure there is no bone of rubbery left on the bird. Place the duck inside and then bring it to the correct temperature for cooking. Cook the whole duck until it’s almost completely done.

Serve Well

To serve your duck, just place it on a plate and garnish it with Chinese style garnishing sauce (sour soy sauce and hoisin sauce). Then, place your duck on the table, and add some Chinese nationalities like ginger or garlic to enhance the taste of the duck. A good way to serve up your duck is to add its sauce to a bowl of steamed white rice. Or you could top your meal with mandolin noodles.

By now, you should be curious about how to cook a Chinese roast duck. In this case, you want to bring your duck to the right internal temperature. The easiest way to tell if the internal temperature of your duck is correct is to feel your fingers and pay special attention to the tendons in the duck. If you feel some resistance when you touch the skin or down by the tail, then your duck is not cooked enough.


You can continue cooking the duck using your reserved cooking oil until it’s the appropriate internal temperature. Then, you can start putting on your Chinese nationalities like soy sauce and white pepper. After that, you just have to take off the bird and serve it up. Make sure to stir the bbq duck recipe thoroughly before serving. The heat from the pan will give it a delicious taste. Keep in mind that duck should always be served with its sauce.

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