How Healthy The Japanese Fried Rice Is For Your Family

japanese fried rice recipe

To be very honest, most people would never think it could be so healthy. I was one of those people, but then I did some research and came to realize that it could be a great source of protein and nutrition for anyone looking for a great alternative to fries.

Most of us know that Japanese has one of the lowest cholesterol diets in the world. This diet is one of the reasons why Japanese people are such great weight lifters. The key ingredient that is used in this recipe is called “Hoki Dama” or “Bamboo shoots”. Hoki dama can be grown in the region of Japan that is known as Bamboo Forest. This specific recipe uses this leafy vegetable as a base to cook rice with.

You Need To Deep Fry The Rice

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Most people think that in order to make Japanese Fried Rice you need to deep fry the rice. This is not true. When you make this dish, it is simmered briefly and then served with it. Japanese cooks love making this rice dish and they are constantly trying to find new ways to make it taste better. In fact, one cookbook states that the reason they didn’t invent it was because they didn’t like it. Which I think is pretty funny considering that it tastes so good.

The ingredients that go into the Japanese rice are browned, short grained rice that has been steamed. Then, the main ingredients are Japanese soy sauce, various vegetables and meats. The meat that is typically used is beef. The vegetables are onions, carrots and spinach.

Make Sure It Is Not Cooked With Water

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There are a lot of great recipes for Japanese Fried Rice. You can make them with regular rice or you can also make them with buckwheat instead. The choice is yours. However, no matter what type of rice is used in the recipe, please make sure it is not cooked with water. Too much water and the rice will become mushy.

One of the things that I absolutely love about Japanese Fried Rice is the nutritional value. With just the ingredients that are listed above, you could feed a person with this without even breaking the bank. Of course, the amount of calories and fats in the recipe will vary depending on what types of meat and vegetables you use. Personally, I prefer beef and vegetables but either way you go, you are going to be satisfied.

Trying To Find One That Sells The Original Recipe

If you can find Japanese supermarkets in your area, I recommend trying to find one that sells the original recipe. This way you can get the authentic ingredients which are guaranteed to be delicious. I have found one store that sells Japanese rice cookbooks and it also sells the actual recipe in it. It is located in the San Joaquin valley near Stockton street in Emeryville.

Japanese Fried Rice is probably my favorite meal outside of the three-course meal that I normally prepare for my family. It is a quick and easy meal that is healthy and really fun to eat. So if you are in the mood to impress your friends or want to treat yourself, try a bowl of Japanese Fried Rice. It is definitely worth a shot.

Continue Cooking It Until The Sugar Is Dissolved

In cooking, this type of rice you will need about three cups of long grain rice as well as one tablespoon each of white and brown sugar. There should also be about four to five cups of water. The rice must be fairly straight with a good grain and should not be overly cooked. You should be able to mix the rice completely with the rest of the ingredients except for the sugar.

Once you have all of the ingredients ready and waiting, you simply cook the rice as you normally would. When it is done, you just add the sugar and continue cooking it until the sugar is dissolved. Then you spoon the rice into cups and serve. Japanese Fried rice recipes vary depending on the recipe you are following. Usually you will find that most recipes start with a rice mixture and then proceed with the other ingredients such as the meat and vegetables.


Another great thing about Japanese Fried rice is that you can modify it in so many ways. For example, if you want to make it more nutritious, you can simply use brown rice. Just substitute it for white rice and you will have the exact nutritional benefits of Japanese rice. Or, you could make a different flavored rice and simply substitute it for the regular rice. You can even change up the seasonings to make it a little different. By changing up the seasonings and other components, you can make this Japanese Fried Rice recipe any way you want it.

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