Every thing which you should know before you make any Asian Food Recipes

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Common ingredients which are included in the daily routine are rice, ginger, garlic, chillies, etc. As all Asian countries have different food traditions and some of the ingredients include rice. Rice like basmati is popular in Indian subcontinent while Jasmine rice is famous in south east Asia. China has popular rice known as long- grain rice, where Korea and Japan has rice called as short- grain rice. Curry dish is the most common dish in the Asian cuisine.

Cooking Tips

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Store the spices in the right place, keep them in a cool and dark place. Be careful when you use the stove and avoid using phone while cooking. Wash vegetables with boiled water. Always keep a note of your recipes, as it could be helpful for daily use. Don’t overcrowd the pan while cooking because it could fall and food won’t get cooked properly. Always use green vegetables and pulses as they are good for health.

Different Methods Of Cooking

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Rosting- The dry heat method of cooking, roasting, is characterised by the use of hot air from an oven, an open flame, or another heat source to completely surround the food, ensuring that it is cooked evenly on all sides.

Baking- Baking is a method of preparing food that involves the use of dry heat, usually in an oven, but it can also be done in hot ashes. Bread, cookies, and other baked goods are the most popular baked goods.

Frying- Frying is a cooking method in which food is cooked in hot fats or oil; it is also referred to as deep fat frying in some circles.

Steaming- Steamed food is prepared using moist heat, which is produced by boiling water that vaporises into steam, which then transfers the heat to the food and causes it to cook. Steamed food is prepared using moist heat.

Smoking- Smoking is a method of preparing meat and other foods over an open flame that is distinct from drying food. It enhances the flavour of meat, fish, and poultry, and it has a minor preservation effect on the food being preserved.

These methods of cooking are easy if we practice the proper methodology with proper measurement of ingridents. 

Cooking Safety Tips

Safety tips like:- Dont wear loose clothes as they can easily catch fire, Keep tea towel and clothes away from cooker, Turn off the stove when if you are leaving the kitchen. Restrict children from coming near the kitchen as it could be dangerous, don’t use mobile phones while cooking, keep the surrounding clean after cooking, always keep raw food and cooked food in separate vessels.

Food Safety

While cooking the food heat is necessary, because it kills bacteria and virus, as well as any other parasites such as Tapeworm and Toxoplasma Gondii. For sterilizing use a proper technique, there should be proper temperature for cooking, and vegetables should be boiled.


Food can be with  proper techniques, methods and with proper guidance and measurement. Research properly before making food if you are a beginner. Follow all the instruction and the precautions.

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