Electric Food Steamer 3-Layer Machine

Electric Food Steamer 3-Layer Machine

People nowadays are very conscious about their health, going for physical activities also correcting their lifestyle. To maintain a healthy body and mind we need to take proper care about the food we eat. fried food and junk food can really hamper our health to a great extent so people now days are opting for steam food. steaming is one of the simplest techniques of cooking in which we use hot steam to cook the food. Generally, when we boil the food become machine making them baseless but through steaming, we can easily retain the nutrients and at the same time make the food tasty. to make steaming easy Veena have electric food steamer with three layers that can help us cook food easily. 

Electric Food Steamer 3-Layer Machine

Electric Food Steamer 3-Layer Machine
Electric Food Steamer 3-Layer Machine

Why Should We Steam Our Meals

  • fats and oily food can be very unhealthy for a heart and make us consume some extra calories burn through steaming we can have the nutrients without hampering our health.
  • steaming the food allows us to retain the vitamins and minerals and enzymes essential for the body.
  • true steaming the fibres of the vegetables and fruits of things which makes easy to digest.
  • one of the best things about steaming is that it retains the original structure and colour of the food. 
  • Allows us to cook a variety of food quickly without spending some extra money and save energy at the same time.
  • versatile mode of cooking which is suitable for all types of vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. 

Electric Steam Heater 3- Layer Machine

Enjoy homemade steam food with this Electric Steam Heater. This steamer can be of use for any purpose, but the best use of the steam is to steam our food. Steaming is a method of cooking in which we use steam to cook the food. The advantage of steaming is that it doesn’t make the food mushy and allows it to maintain its colour and texture. The best thing about this steamer is that it has a layer, which allows us to cook three different ingredients at the same time. It can be of great help when preparing food for a large number of people as in one go we will be having a lot of food. The steamer also has a digital clock to monitor the cooking and prevent it from overcooking. It also has a timer setting, for busy people who can’t stand and prepare the food. 

Another reason to buy this steamer is to switch to a healthy lifestyle. The best thing about the steamer is that we don’t have to use oil to prepare the food. The electric steamer also helps in preserving the texture and taste or the food. We can easily quick Asian, Korean and other cuisine easily with this steamer. The steamer is not for only vegetables or fruits, we can also cook meat easily in this small and portable steamer. 


  • The electric steamer has six cooking modes with three power intestine to easily switch and allow easy cooking.
  • It is made out of stainless steel with a non-stick base which prevents the food from sticking. 
  • The stainless steel quality of the steamer makes the process of cleaning easy and convenient. 
  • The capacity of the steamer is 8 litres. 
  • It has a safety function that allows safe cooking. 
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