Easy Asian Recipes To Prepare At Home

easy asian recipes

Each country has its plethora of food, and they pride themselves on it. Let’s talk about Asia today. Asian food is very famous as it is straightforward, for, e.g., rice, noodles, fruits, and veggies, which are then transformed into dishes of so many varieties. Also, Asian food is simpler to make. Here are a few easy Asian recipes that you can try.

General Tso’s Sauce

Asian Recipes

love crispy chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce? There’s no need to order General Tso’s chicken from your local takeout place. Just make it yourself!

This recipe makes such a tasty chicken that you will have just bought it from a restaurant. 

Now, it’s crispy from the outside but is juicy from the inside. Furthermore, it has a delicious taste. 

Beef And Broccoli

Asian Recipes

It has tender beef and crunchy broccoli. Oh, and it has this drool-worthy sauce, too.

Together, they make one heck of a dish. It’s so tasty, and you won’t believe it’s good for you! The best part? It’s a snap to make. It’s so simple. All you’ll need is one skillet.

Asian Slaw

colorful, crispy and delicious is the best way to describe Asian slaw. Further, it contains a lot of veggies such as carrots, bell peppers, shredded cabbage, cilantro, and peanuts.

 It’s dressed with a sweet, spicy, thick, savory sauce. No wonder it’s the perfect medley of flavors and textures!

Chinese Noodle Soup

Now, this soup consists of chewy noodles and some veggies and meat. It’s truly a work of art!

Also, it is the perfect way to relax on a rainy day. 

It’s the ultimate definition of comfort food, Asian style.

Gado Gado

It is a traditional Indonesian salad consisting of eggs, rice, carrots, red cabbage, and a thick, nutty sauce.

This recipe gives the dish a fun twist by using sweet potato instead of carrots and green beans for red cabbage. However, it is up to you, and you can choose original ingredients too. Because this salad is rice-based, it’s very hearty and can be considered a complete meal on its own. It has a preparation time of only 30 minutes. 

Chinese Vegetarian Stir Fry

Chinese vegetable stir-fry is such a popular dish here in the USA, and for a good reason. Of course, no one can resist fried rice topped with colorful veggies.

While there are tons of Chinese restaurants, I don’t want you to settle for anything less. This stir-fry is so much tastier and healthier that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to takeout!

Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce

Don’t let the simplicity of this steamed Chinese broccoli with a garlic ginger oyster sauce fool you. It may seem simple, but it’s loaded with flavor.

What makes this dish outrageously delicious is the sauce. It’s not just your typical oyster sauce.

Instead, it’s a medley of oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, Mirin, sesame oil, and sugar. How awesome is that? And don’t worry if you can’t get a hold of Chinese broccoli. You can swap it with broccolini stems.

Final Say

This food is very nutritious, healthy, and good for health. People don’t suffer from any complications while even experimenting with them.

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