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A favorite of many a cook is the Pf changs, which translates as bread in French. The Pf changs come in a variety of styles and colors, each one a unique expression of France’s culinary tradition. When I was growing up, my mother used to make a delicious soup every evening that became a family tradition. I took to heart the memories of the days when we sat around the hot stove and her delicious soup came to life each time.

Pfister Park Cuisine and Menu

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The Pf changs is also known as French fried rice. As the name implies, it is a white rice dish served with a savory flavor, made by mixing round brown rice with sweet potatoes and eggs in a non stick frying pan. Typically, the pf chicken is flavoring, added along with the sweet potato and eggs before being thrown into the skillet. I love to serve it cold!

On most occasions, I have tried to prepare a delicious soup in the tradition of my great grandmother. On this particular day, I decided to make some fried rice for dinner and was delighted when my sous-pir then approved! She loves to eat the white rice with egg and chicken; however, she has also accepted soft boiled eggs and fried vegetables as well. I love to prepare both the soups and the soup bowls separately so that we can vary the flavors without having to mess with the pf menu.

One of the most popular pf changs are chicken kabobs. We have several varieties on the menu but the original recipe is the chicken kabobs coated in breadcrumbs with sauerkraut on the outside. On most occasions, we have a special dessert for dinner such as chocolate chip cookies or apple pies. For the holidays, we also have a special dessert and that is German chocolate cake.

I love preparing chicken kabobs in garlic butter. In this method, we can add some panko to the batter before frying it. I have enjoyed some really tasty chicken kabobs that were lightly drenched in olive oil and seasoned with panko and sauerkraut. The mixture of the garlic and the sauerkraut gives it an unusual flavor and we love it as a meal.

A normal breakfast on the Pf changs menu is served in a skillet with some sauerkraut and dill pickles. On hot summer days, we like to serve a chicken salad with apple slices and fresh dill. On other occasions, we also like to serve chicken kebabs. My husband adores chicken kebabs, especially the spicy variety with onions and carrots.

To accompany our fried rice, we usually enjoy some steamed white chicken. Sometimes, however, we get requests for grilled chicken. We have been asked to prepare grilled chicken or skirt steak. We have successfully grill chicken kabobs with it and they are wonderful. We have also been known to prepare barbecue chicken. Some people also request fried rice with egg rolls and potato salad.

End Note

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The staff at the Pfister Park Restaurant is friendly and helpful. Their motto is “we make you happy”. The atmosphere is casual and upbeat. Their menu has a wide variety of meals and entrees that you will find both delicious and budget friendly.

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