Delicious Thai Dishes You Must Try

List Of Some Of The Must Have Thai Food

The people of Thailand are warm and friendly. With tourism making up most of the economy, it appears natural that they are happy to see other nationalities around them. The Thai food too known for its delicacy and spice levels.

Most of the ingredients used naturally based and come with a host of medicinal properties — Thai food prepared with different kinds of spices and herbs. As you consume their food, you are left impressed with the intense amounts of flavors in them.

List Of Some Popular Thai Food

One popular ingredient used in most of the Thai food is the fish sauce. If you look around, then you can find several hawkers selling the pad thai or fried noodle. It is a favorite dish sold in Thailand. You can find it prepared during celebrations and on important occasions.

The fresh and quality ingredients used to prepare the dish. You can add the kind of flavors and spice levels you want. There are two kinds, which are variation and classic. The classic comes with no changes, while the difference comes with modifications inspired by the chef.

Few of the ingredients include tamarind sauce, stir-fried noodles, fish sauce, eggs, bean sprouts, red chili pepper, and tofu. Coriander and crushed peanuts can used for garnish. It is a light and dry dish.

List Of Some Of The Must Have Thai Food
List Of Some Of The Must Have Thai Food

Thai Food The Tom Yam Goong Or Spicy Shrimp Soup

The spicy shrimp soup also known as the Tom Yam Goong and popularly consumed throughout Thailand. The sourness of the soup instantly hits you once you take in the first sip. Thai food is spicy.

Most of them come with extreme heat. Ideally suitable for the common cold and curing fever. However, the tropical climate does no favors for that kind of food. It is intriguing to know for Americans, especially how they consume spicy food.

Coming back to the dish. It prepared with a wide range of scented herbs. Some of them include lemongrass, galangal, shallot, kaffir lime leaves, chili pepper, and tamarind. You have two kinds of soup.

One of the thick soup and the other is the clear soup. The thick soup prepare by adding some of the milk. Usually, coconut milk added as a flavoring agent. But, it does more to that, than that.

Of course, you can also prepare it using seafood like fish and chicken. Even the vegetarian version of the soup can made with the help of beans, peas, and carrots. This is a signature dish of Thailand.

List Of Some Of The Must Have Thai Food
List Of Some Of The Must Have Thai Food


As you can see, Thai food makes use of great ingredients. The spice levels vary depending on the menu prepared — many spices and herbs used in the preparation of the food items in Thailand.

Although some debate has been brewing around due to the levels of oil used, however, most of the food items in there make use of plenty of herbs. There is proper usage of garlic in many of the dishes.

Of course, you will want to limit yourself and consume how much your body requires. That is a rule of thumb. Thai food can considered as healthy and flavoursome. It is also easy to prepare and consume.

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