Delicious Chinese Rice Delights To Try

Rice Chinese Recipe

One of the best ways to use your leftover rice is to create fried rice. There is a no. of ways you can try

out various combinations with this rice. Starting with the freshly cooked rice or chilled rice you can stir

fry it with a guarantee that the rice will not clump together.

Tossing it with crunchy and different veggies and seasoning it with various condiments, one can create mouth-watering fried rice dishes.

Best Rice:

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The long-grained rice is the best to be used for fried rice as it is less sticky and fluffier than other types. A day or two to three days old rice is the best to cook fried rice.

Basic Technique:

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The basic technique to be considered is the Chinese wok that is used to cook Chinese fried rice.

Other than this, the main ingredient is to season it with soy sauce and garlic. Each dish focuses on

maintaining a balance between appearance, aroma, and taste.

Fried Rice Important To China:

It is one of the quintessential comfort food of China. Loaded with the right consistency, filled with various toppings- it is the most adaptable and the world’s most popular rice dish.

Chinese Rice Recipes You Must Try:

Egg fried rice:

Firstly, crack eggs in a bowl and stir it.

Mix the beaten egg, shallots, ginger, salt, and some oil with the cooked rice so that it is covered with the egg mixture evenly. Then stir fry them.

Cantonese clay pot rice recipe:

It is cooked with local long-grain rice, most popular in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Brush the bottom of the pot with oil and add rice with water to stew.

As soon as the water starts to reduce add chicken, meat, or beef as per your choice.

After it add ginger, beaten egg, and green vegetables. Let it stew for 15 minutes with the heat turned off and then season it with sauce.

Hainanese chicken rice:

It is the most famous dish from Hainan province.

The whole chicken is boiled without Haslet along with Shallot, ginger, cooking wine, salt on low fire. Then soaked rice is stir-fried with chicken oil and steamed with chicken soup. Now fry the veggies with salt.

Prepare a dipping sauce with ginger, onion, chilly, garlic, and salt with lemon juice and chicken soup.

Cut the white chicken into small pieces and serve the platter with rice, fried veggies, and dipping sauce.

Xinjiang Hand Grasping Rice:

It is the Special Chinese food of Uygur nationality. The name initially came as it was eaten with hand.

Firstly, boil the lamb chops with ginger. As it is boiling, scoop out the foam regularly.

Now add soy sauce, salt, cumin powder, pepper, and hawthorn slice and let it boil.

Fry the onions and carrots shreds.

Now place the boiled lamb chops at the bottom, then add fried onions and carrots shreds, after this place the soaked rice on the top, and pour the lamb soup over it in a cooker to stew. When done, mix it.


Fried rice is a perfect go-to dish for rice lovers. You can accentuate it by adding ingredients that you like as per your taste and preferences. Adding cottage cheese, soya chunks, eggs, or even meat you can enhance the taste of your dish.

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