Cookware You Need For Preparing Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine mainly revolves around the wok. It is deep pan used to cook a wide range of dishes. You can find a wok used by hawkers as well as in high-end restaurants. In this article, we have done some research and come up with essential tools and equipment needed for Asian cuisine.

To prepare the cuisine, you need the right kind of pans, spoons, forks, to help you.

Tools Required For Preparing Asian Cuisine

Let us start with the wok. The wok is a commonly found frying pan that comes with a deep shape. That helps the user to toss the food so that all the ingredients mixed and cooked well.

You would have seen the usage of wok by street hawkers as well as in restaurants. Though it looks quite simple and easy to use, it requires immense practice. The whole concept here is to use it for cooking on high flame.

Asian cooking, especially Chinese and Japanese dishes, do not take very long to prepare. If all the ingredients cut and ready, you need to add them in work, they are ready to go. The wok comes made of iron or steel.

Several applications of the wok include deep-frying; stir-frying, pan-frying, and even steaming. Asian cuisine depends a lot on the wok. Without it, the cooking becomes next to impossible. Hence, keep the wok clean and oiled.

Once you have finished cooking, use a dry and soft cloth to remove the debris. Then rinse the wok using water. The wok has to keep oiled to prevent it from rusting and drying. The clay pot is another essential tool you need for Asian cooking.

Tools And Equipment Needed For Preparing Asian Cuisine
Tools And Equipment Needed For Preparing Asian Cuisine

Asian Cuisine Equipment For Cooking Dishes

You can find it in several households in Asia. It is quite similar to the stew pot used for cooking European dishes. The main difference being, Asian clay pot cooking done on the stove. In Europe, you are cooking using the stew pot done on the oven.

Thanks to its excellent design and texture, the dish remains hot for a long time. Supposing the guests or your members have not turned up for food. It is not an issue because the food stays warm for few hours.

You can complete your other chores and not bother about heating it again. Another commonly used Asian cuisine equipment is the steamer. It comes in many sizes. The traditional steamer comes made from bamboo. It also used as a serving dish and one layer can use at a time.

However, several meals can cooked using the steamer. Knives are another item used in many Asian homes.

Tools And Equipment Needed For Preparing Asian Cuisine
Tools And Equipment Needed For Preparing Asian Cuisine

It used to cut and chop meat into the right shape and size. Without the cleaver, non-vegetarian Asian cuisine preparation can become difficult. It made from steel that allows the cutting to done quickly.

The cleaver can also use to cut and slice vegetables. However, you need some practice when handling it because cuts have to be precise. You need to focus and concentrate. The pottery is something that has always been the main talking point of Asian cuisine.

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