Must-Have Teaware For Chinese Tea Ceremony

A Chinese tea ceremony is a traditional ritual followed in China while having tea. Hence, it consists of different and unique teaware in varied materials. So, if you are intrigued by the Chinese Tea Ceremony, have look at the detailed description below.

Must-Have Teaware For Chinese Tea Ceremony
Must-Have Teaware For Chinese Tea Ceremony

Different Teaware Used In A Chinese Tea Ceremony


The teapot is known as Chahu or Chongguan in China. It is a vessel used for tea making. The tea type made in the pot depends on the material of the pot. White tea can be made in glass teapots, while green tea has to be made in porcelain pots. The Oolong tea tastes better when it is made in a white and Ru Clin porcelain. Similarly, red tea and roasted oolongs are made in purple clay teapots from Yixing in China.

These are also made in purion clay teapots made in Taiwan. This distinction is because of the porosity of the clay and ceramic materials. It is believed that once you start making one kind of tea in a certain teapot, you should not change it as the pores inside the clay or ceramic absorb the flavor and the aroma. Hence, small-sized teapots are most commonly used to aid in steeping multiple times. Furthermore, most Chinese Tea Wares are quite costly.

Covered Bowl

Also known as Gaiwan or a Sancai Cup, this covered bowl comes with a cover or a bracket. It symbolizes the earth, heaven, and man. Hence, the bowl is used as a teapot while making Oolong tea. A glass Gaiwan is used for making green tea.

Appreciation Cup And Aroma Cup

These are different tea ware used for drinking tea. The appreciation cup is also known as Pinbei. It is commonly used for drinking oolong tea. However, the aroma cup is a little taller than the appreciation cup. When white tea is prepared, it is first poured inside this cup to get a flavor of the tea. Once the drinker has taken the flavor and the fragrance of the white tea from the aroma cup, it is poured in the appreciation cup for drinking. The traditional cups used earlier were small porcelain cups that were thin, delicate, white, small and shallow. Since the thinner the cups were, the better the tea tasted.

Tea Leaves Fresher

This teaware is used for revitalizing and awakening the tea leaves. Hence, the Chinese tea ceremony requires that one should prepare the leaves before brewing. These should be warmed in a different container so that they get softer once they come in contact with the hot water. The tea is put in the bowl and then a small candle is lit under it to get the tea ready for brewing. This procedure ensures complete opening up of the flavor and aroma.

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Purple Clay Tea Table Set For Chinese Tea Ceremony

Must-Have Teaware For Chinese Tea Ceremony

This is a perfect tea set for the Chinese tea ceremony, available in distinct Chinese designs. It is a high-quality ceramic, elegant and authentic teaware. Moreover, with this set, you get different choices from A to F and you also get a wooden tray with ceramic drinkware.

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