Chinese Recipes For Chicken: 5 Easy Recipes For Kids To Try

Chinese Recipes For Chicken

Does your kid love Chinese chicken recipes? And can’t help but enjoy their visit to Chinese restaurants? Then you probably have also tried your hands on Chinese recipes for chicken. If your kid looks forward to enjoying a Chinese meal, why not include them in the meal-making?

Of course, it will be a quick and easy option to get those Chinese dishes from nearby restaurants. However, eating out always isn’t healthy; right? Therefore, you would want to fulfill your kid’s demand in a healthier way. Here are Chinese recipes for chicken that your kid will relish and you will find them easier to make:

Chinese Recipes For Chicken: Chicken Fried Rice

Your child will love to have chicken fried rice if he or she is a fan of Chinese cuisine. Chicken fried rice is an easy recipe to make, and you will just need the right ingredients. Heating up a frying pan, you must sauté some garlic and onion in the hot oil. After that, into the pan, throw in the chicken pieces for making them tender.

5 Easy Chinese Recipes For Chicken
Chinese Recipes For Chicken: 5 Easy Recipes For Kids To Try

After the chicken becomes tender, it’s time for adding in the chicken stock powder, rice, salt, and pepper. Before adding in soy sauce and sprinkling some spring onion, stir-fry all the elements well. Lastly, before taking off the fried rice from the heat, add some water, and cover the lead for one minute. Your fried rice is ready to serve your little Chinese dish lover.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Making the Chinese chicken salad is an easy task, and it’s also healthy for you and your little one. Taking out your salad bowl, you can toss chicken, lettuce, wonton strips, and mandarin oranges. And on a different bowl, mix all the dressing ingredients beforehand. As your salad is ready, spread the salad-dressing and toss them well.

Chinese Recipes For Chicken: Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken stir fry will require some cubed boneless chicken breasts. Over the chicken-cubes add the cornstarch. Taking in another bowl, make a dedicated sauce with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, and marmalade. Of course, for seasoning, pepper and salt is a must. After that taking a wok, heat the canola oil. And then on medium heat, you have to fry the chicken cubes until they turn golden brown. Next, it is time to add in the sauce and coat the chicken with it.

Chicken Chowmein

Almost every kid love chicken chowmein. And for the chicken chowmein, you have to first prepare the sauce with ginger, cloves, tomato ketchup, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. While cooking the noodles, follow the packet instructions and keep it for draining excess water.

After your sauce and noodles are ready, heating a pan, add the chicken pieces. Until the chicken pieces turn soft, keep on cooking. At this time, you have to sprinkle some salt and pepper before cooking for another minute. Next, it is the time to pour the sauce into the pan, and then comes the boiled noodles, bean sprouts, and spring onion. While tossing the noodles, cook it for five minutes.

Easy And Quick Chinese Recipes For Chicken
Chinese Recipes For Chicken: 5 Easy Recipes For Kids To Try

Kung Pao Chicken

For making the delicious kung pao chicken, you will need some special sauce -red chili sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, etc. Firstly, you have to take the sesame oil, minced garlic, and red chili sauce to whisk together. Next, it is time for marinating the chicken into the mixture well. After leaving the marinated chicken for 30 minutes, focus on dissolving cornstarch in the soy sauce. Into the mixture, you have to add the rice vinegar and honey. Lastly, you have to season the cornstarch-mix with the hot sauce. Taking a pan, you have to heat some more sesame oil before adding the marinated chicken pieces. Then fry the chicken pieces till they turn into golden brown. After that, add the soy sauce mixture into the sizzling hot pan and cook till the chicken is covered in the sauce. According to need, add some salt and peanuts into the hot kung pao chicken.

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