Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe Secrets – How to Get the Deeply Nutritious Chinese Food Dipping Sauce You Want

chinese bbq pork recipe

If you want to prepare Chinese BBQ pork recipes, you may have various choices. You can either make Chinese pork soba or bbq pork. Authentic Chinese BBQ pork is usually marinated in tangy vinegar and steamed in hot oil. This dish is extremely popular throughout China and most often prepared during special occasions like holidays and festivals. This article will introduce to you the secrets on how to make a good Chinese bbq pork recipe.

An Overview

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For the authentic Chinese BBQ pork, this recipe usually consists of beef slice thinly sliced and deep-fried. To make it taste better, you can also add onions, garlic, ginger, scallions, white pepper, and hot pepper sauce to taste. This recipe is simple and really taste like the genuine Chinese restaurants. Chinese BBQ pork?

Another famous Chinese BBQ pork recipe is called char siu, which is basically thin strips of pork belly. Most of the time, people use charcoal to cook their Chinese bbq pork recipe. It adds a lot of natural flavor to your food. What are some good Chinese barbecues where you can eat this delicious dish?

Famous Dishes 

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In a Chinese restaurant, you might be lucky enough to eat the most authentic Chinese food in town. But if you want to experience the real taste of Chinese food, try to go to a barbecued joint on weekends or every Wednesday. At these Chinese barbecues, the most famous dishes that you can order are: char siu, black bean slaw with vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc. ), and beef with vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc.). If you want to taste some of the spicy Chinese dishes, try to go to a barbecued restaurant that specializes in Chinese food, where you can get some of the hottest versions of Chinese barbecues.

If you want to make this Chinese pork recipe a success, you need to understand the three secrets that have been used by many restaurants all across the world. The secret is to marinate the meat for at least four hours prior to cooking. There are different reasons why the Chinese choose to marinate their meats, such as to maintain a tender state, to prevent burning, and to enhance the flavor. Once the meat has been marinated, then you need to dry it out very well, by keeping it in an airtight container. You should not attempt to open the jar until after the meat has completely dried out.

Ingredients & Process 

After the meat has completely dried out, you need to remove it from its marinade and place it in the pot of marinade. Then, you need to add the dried herb/seasoning mixture and allow it to slowly soak into the meat. You can also use the cooked rice to soak up the liquid, but the final step is to use your favorite Chinese bbq pork sauce to coat the baked pork.

Another secret to Chinese BBQ pork recipes is to keep the lid on the pot of marinade until the cooking time is completed. The reason you want to do this is to keep any excess moisture from the marinade from evaporating before the cooking time is complete. The longer you marinate, the deeper the color and flavor in the meat will be, and the more intense the taste of the sauce will be. If you don’t keep the lid on the pot of marinade, the marinade will dry out and you’ll need to add more sauce to balance the taste.


There are many other secrets to Chinese bbq pork recipes, but these two simple ones should get you started. The next time you make this dish, you can use the traditional Chinese ingredients and make it just as healthy as the original. All you need are fresh veggies and a tasty sauce, and you’re all set!

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