Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries

Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries

Every day, for Malaysians and Singaporeans, there will be having more or less the same kind of breakfast meals. It includes Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Kaya Toast, Assorted Pau, Chee Cheong Fun, Sim Sum, and other dishes.

Let us take a look at some other breakfast dishes in Asia.


One of the most common breakfast dishes that the Thai people eat is Rice Congee. It is very thick and can serve with a boiled egg. Thai Congee bowl will be full of minced meatballs, pork, liver, and intestines. Even ginger and coriander adds to that dish.

Thai Jok dish refers to Patong. It is their version of Yau View. After that, there is Kanomkrok, which is coconut pancakes. This dish serves on a banana leaf.

Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries
Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries

South Korea

Many of the breakfast dishes in Asia choose cereal and some toast for breakfast. Some people still like to have some traditional meals like Kimchi, vegetable soup, steamed rice, and stew for brunching. There are also some simple dishes for brunching in Asia but tastes excellent like Tuna, Gimbap, and Mayonnaise. These dishes are quick in the making.

India; Check Breakfast Dishes In Asia

Indian dishes are always full of flavor and very aromatic when the dishes cook with lots of species and herbs. Thepla is one of the dishes for brunching in Asia. It is very crispy and the most underrated by many of the residents in India.  It is the Gujarati dish. Thepla made of wheat flour. It is an excellent option for maintaining fit for food-lovers. Some of the famous breakfast dishes in Asia are Misal Pav, Paneer Bhurji, Poha, and many more.


Some of the most underrated breakfast dishes in China are the dumplings, noodles, dim sum, and many more. There is a special dish named Shandong pancake that originates in East China. It looks thin, and the fillings in this dish are meat, egg, onions, lettuce, etc.

Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries
Breakfast Dishes You Have To Try In Asian Countries


Many of the Japanese people usually cook and eat their breakfast at home. The most common dishes they eat are sushi and sashimi.

The famous dish for brunching in Asia is Tanuki Udon. It is simple to cook and made with noodles, spring onions, and some species.

Indonesia; Look At Breakfast Dishes In Asia

Indonesians love to eat the Congee dish. It is very famous for brunching in Asia. Indonesia is well known for its famous Nasi Kuning dish. It is the yellow rice that serves with fish, chicken, shredded potato, coconut, pickled veggies, sambal, or a boiled egg.


The Philippines is another famous for breakfast dishes in Asia. There are a wide variety of dishes in this country. There is Puti that is rice cake with egg and cheese. Some people also eat this Putong Puti as a dessert. Another famous breakfast dish is Longsilog. It is also fried rice that serves with egg and sausage.

Breakfast Dishes In Asia; Vietnam

One of the most underrated breakfast dishes by the residents and some tourists are Sandwich and Bahn Mi. These dishes were popular from the French Colonization. Fillings of the sandwich include cilantro, sliced pork, and shredded chicken, pickled veggies, and something else. Besides sandwich and Bahn Mi, there is another famous dish named Pho made of wheat noodles in soup with the sides of pork, beef, and chicken. This dish can top with beans, shallots, sprouts, cilantro, etc.

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