Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia

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Life is highly unpredictable. The very next meal you will be having may be in a quiet alley dish the lanes of Bangkok. Even at reputable high-end restaurants, you can enjoy a tasty and delicious meal along with a glass of champagne and some cocktail. In the lanes of Southeast Asia, one gets the best of meals from a street vendor than a high-end multi-cuisine restaurant. A dim-lit room with minimal arrangements but great food fast makes the experience even more authentic and unique.

You can cook these meals easily with this 3-layered microwavable food container. This microwaveable container cooks the dish with ease and is easy to use too. The flavors remain intact, and don does not hamper with the specialty of the meal. The following list names the top meals in Southeast Asia.

Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia

Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia

The Best Of The Top Meals Found In Southeast Asia

  1. Banh Xeo – Crispy Pork And Shrimp Pancake

The Banh Xeo dish is a classic Vietnamese dish, and it is a mixture of different kinds of flavors. The texture of the dish is its heart, and the taste is heart filling. The recipe can be savored and dipped in a sauce that tickles your taste buds and stays fresh in your memory for years and years.

  • Slow Roasted Pork

Indonesia’s popular pork dish is layered inside several spicy elements. The fresh chili taste, in addition to the shrimp paste, makes it even tastier. The recipe is prevalent mainly in the Muslim-Indonesia area.

  • Crispy Noodle Curry

The crispy noodle curry is also considered to be a soup dish by many. It has a fine texture and is served with both beef and chicken.

Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia
Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia
  • Fish Curry

This Colombian dish is a delicacy of South East Asia. The base of the dish is a custard sauce, along with some lemongrass and kaffir leaves. A hint of chili gives a tangy feel to the plate.

  • Stir-Fried Noodles

The famous noodles of Malaysia is a dry and wet dish. It is seasoned with minced pork, soy sauce, and anchovies. You can serve this dish with a soft boiled egg or even a poached one.

  • Green Papaya Salad

The fish sauce and minced shrimp are loaded with flavors. The base of the dish that is papaya stands out and is packed with super tasty flavors.

  • Crab In Chilli Tomato Sauce

Although the name suggests specific heat to it, the dish has a tomato and chili base that is drenched inside a crab.

Rest Of The Meals

  • Deep-Fried Pork Knuckle

The best pig dish available in Southeast Asia is the deep-fried pork. It has absolute goodness to it that adds deliciousness to your tastebuds. You can dip it in vinegar sauce.

  • Pork Sandwich

The pork sandwich is a mixture of French and Vietnamese cuisine. You can top it with freshly minced carrots, cucumber, and some creamy butter spread over it.

Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia
Beyond The Obvious: Top Meals In Southeast Asia
  1. Caramelized Dry Beef Curry

This beef curry is found in both Indonesia and Malaysia. The slices include some ginger, chili leaves, lemongrass, and cardamom.

Now you don’t have to travel to Southeast Asia if you can’t. With the 3-layered microwavable food container, you can achieve the best flavors. Get the recipe for these dishes and start cooking soon.

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