Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks

Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks

Asia isn’t just an economic powerhouse but it is a home of some delicious cuisines in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for best street foods in Asia then this context is going to be mouth watering. As you know, Asia is a melting pot of different cultures and thus each country has its own special recipes. So, let’s explore the food world.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks
Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks


The Vietnam rice noodle soup is very popular among westerners and southeast Asians. A traditional pho recipe is made of chicken broth and rice noodles. Furthermore, you can add any meat of your choice and it still tastes delicious.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Panipuri

This street snack is the soul of Indian street food. To make this dish, one needs to fill flavored water into a hollowed puri with potato filling. Besides this, one can try different thus puri with different filling and flavored water. Moreover, tangy and spicy sauce called chutney is an essential part of this dish.

Gua Bao

The dish is a Taiwanese hamburger or a steamed bun to be precise. Moreover, this chewy soft bun has pork, ground peanuts and green herbs stuffed in it.  This popular street food is delicious.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Som tam Thai

Though it is a salad its taste has made it popular Asian street food. This one belongs to Thailand and it contains lime, basil, beans, garlic, and pepper.

Miso Ramen

Starting from Japan, ramen doesn’t need an introduction. The noodle dish consists of rice noodles, fresh herbs, meat along with spicy sauce.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Satay

This Indonesian dish has become popular street food in all Southeast Asian countries. In this dish, meat chunks are marinated with a spicy sauce and then grilled over the fire. Moreover, locals use tofu in place of meat as well.


The dish is originally from Korea and it is made of eggs, fish, and vegetables. Moreover, it has flavored rice that is seasoned with salt and sesame oil. The dish looks colorful and appetizing plus it is available everywhere in South Korea.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Liangpi

The thick noodle strips are made of rice of wheat floor. The dish is usually served cold and with sesame paste, vinegar, chili oil, and salt. Moreover, this Chinese dish often contains bean sprouts and vegetables.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks
Best Street Foods In Asia – Top 10 picks

Kwek Kwek

The Filipino dish is made of quail egg and an orange batter. In general, boiled eggs are coated in orange batter and then deep-fried. Furthermore, it served with a spicy dipping sauce and some veggies.

Best Street Foods In Asia – Jalebi

The sweet Indian dish is made of fermented wheat flour. Moreover, it is twisted in shape and coated with thick sugar syrup. Therefore, making it a perfect snack for people having sweat cravings.


So, these are the top 10 best street food in Asia. I hope the context has given you essential information about the recipes and its origin. Now, taste them and see which one is your favorite.

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