Best Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe That You Can Try

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Salad recipes are great because they are good for your health and they also provide you the nutrients that you need to stay healthy and have a great life. The best thing about these recipes is that these are tasty as well which makes it less boring to have vegetables and meat in a bowl. There are many recipes that you will find on the internet but all of these are not tasty at all which makes them boring. Here is an Asian cucumber salad recipe that you will love and also the best thing is that it is very healthy as well. The recipe is not very complicated so you can easily make it at home and serve it to your family and they will surely enjoy the lovely salad. 

What Is The Recipe For The Salad?

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The recipe for the salad is very easy and you do not need many ingredients to make the salad for yourself. The steps are given below so that you can make your own delicious Asian cucumber salad with this recipe:

  • You have to slice the cucumbers, red peppers, and onions thinly and then put all of them in a single bowl.
  • In another bowl you have to mix sesame oil, sesame seeds, rice wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, honey, and some salt that suits your taste buds. You have to whisk these together so that all the ingredients combine well.
  • On the vegetables that you placed in a bowl and add the asian vinaigrette and mix well.
  • You can serve it as soon as possible and you can also keep it in the refrigerator so that all the ingredients get soaked into the salad. 

How Long Can You Keep This In The Fridge?

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You can keep this in the fridge for about three days before it starts getting bad. The cucumbers will not remain crispy anymore which will affect the taste of the salad and it might also not taste great. The best idea is to make less and when it finishes you can make the same salad again without any issues at all.

How To Use The Ingredients Of The Salad?

The ingredients of the salad are easy to get from any shop near you. The cucumbers are thinly sliced so that you can get the optimum taste as they will soak the wet ingredients easily which will enhance the taste. The best part is that you are not adding any dairy products to the salad so if anyone is vegan they can also eat the salad without any problems. 


The Asian salad recipe is simple and easy to make and you will have all the flavors in this simple recipe. It is one of the best recipes that you can try at home and you must do it so that you can have it whenever you are hungry. Also, you can keep it for about three days which is awesome because you do not have to make it again and again.

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