The Japanese Bento Box – Fast, Convenient, And Good!

The Japanese Bento box is an important part of Japanese culture. This affordable and popular school and office item is used all over Japan for carrying meals. If you are wondering what goes into a typical Japanese bento box, then scroll down below.

The Japanese Bento Box – Fast, Convenient, And Good!
The Japanese Bento Box – Fast, Convenient, And Good!

How Is A Bento Box Designed?

This box is also known as obento. It contains those food items that can be eaten later and do not get spoiled easily. The initial bento boxes were made from bamboo way back in the 5th century. These were used to carry food outside homes to the fields for work. However, today, the designs, and usage have evolved and thus, you get a lot of different variations.

Therefore, the same way traditional Japanese food is often served in different smaller containers or plates. The same system is followed inside the bento box. Different food types are arranged neatly inside the box. The ingredients are also planned well so as to balance the nutrients and also, to ensure that the food items do not mix with each other. Hence, small separators or cups are used to separate different ingredients.

Moreover, the food items are either kept at room temperature or stored cold. Some bento boxes available today can be microwaved too. The quantities are bite-sized and can be eaten with chopsticks. Ready-made bento boxes are easily available in Supermarkets and other such places in Japan. Moreover, some restaurants also offer Bento boxes as takeaway food options.


Certain food items are most common in a bento box. The main ingredient is always rice as it is the most staple food in Japan. Therefore, more attention is given to balancing the ingredients.

  • Meat or fish in the form of meatballs, sausages or katsu, etc.
  • Precooked vegetables or pickles ones including carrots, broccoli, beans, etc.
  • Japanese Omelet, known as Tamagoyaki
  • Pasta or potato salad
  • Fruits (optional)

Make Your Own Bento Box

You get different choices of bento boxes in Japan made of different materials and coming with unique divisions. Hence, after choosing one you will also need to buy portable cutlery such as fork, spoons set, and chopsticks. You also get matching cutlery with your box. Then, you also need a bento bag to carry your box. You can get different bags or buy one as a set with the box. Also, do not forget to get a mat for spreading on the table and a napkin. Next, you need to plan your food items. Ensure you pack a balanced meal containing the right amounts of protein, vitamins, carbs, minerals, and fats.

Shop This Bento Box Online

WORTH-BUY Japanese Portable Kids Lunchbox 

The Japanese Bento Box – Fast, Convenient, Good!
The Japanese Bento Box – Fast, Convenient, And Good!

This product is a Japanese style portable lunchbox for convenient food packing. It is made of stainless-steel material that is durable and safe to use. This box has a portable style and is easy to carry for school, picnic, camping and so on. The box is also leak-proof. The Bento box comes with a division to prevent mixing. Hence, it is a cool tiffin box for your kids. So hurry up and place your orders now!

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