Basic Ingredients For Thai Recipes


Fish Sauce Thai recipes

In Thai recipes, fish sauce plays the role of salt or soy sauce as a key taste enhancer. Commonly known as nam pla in Thai, fish sauce acts as a seasoning in cooking or as a base element in dipping sauces. While cooking, never adds the fish sauce directly into the hot pan, or its smell will grow stronger and ruin your dish.

Cardamom Thai recipes

Cardamom has been used in cooking since time immemorial. India and Sri Lanka are the largest and oldest producers of cardamom in the world. It may vary in color and taste. Cardamom adds a refreshing aroma to your dishes. You may either grind it or directly add it to the dish.

Basic Ingredients For Thai Recipes
Basic Ingredients For Thai Recipes

Chilies Thai recipes

Thai recipes are famous for their spicy flavors. The credit for this spiciness goes to the different varieties of chilies grown in the region. The common chilies of Thailand are around 7.5-10cm in length. They grow into fresh red, green, or yellow color. There is also another tiny chilly popular in Thailand that is extremely fiery. These chilies are also dried and grind to form a powder.

Cinnamon Thai recipes

Cinnamon is an important ingredient in Thai recipes. It is sprinkled over beef or chicken dishes to enhance their taste and fragrance.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk in these recipes is mostly combined with different sauces or curry pastes. It is mixed with curries and stews as a cooling beverage. Coconut milk forms a key ingredient in the preparation of candies and puddings.


The seeds and leaves of coriander leaves are used all over the world in different dishes, but in Thai recipes, the roots are used as well. The coriander seeds are ground with other spices like cumin to form a mixed powder. The roots, on the other hand, are crushed with garlic that is used in the cooking of meat and soups. The leaves are extensively used for the purpose of garnishing.

Fermented Soya Beans

Fermented soya beans are used as an alternative for salt in certain recipes. They are strongly salted and have a great nutritious value.

Basic Ingredients For Thai Recipes
Basic Ingredients For Thai Recipes


Ginger can be freshly chopped, crushed or grated, or dried and powdered. It forms an important Thai ingredient in the cooking of meat dishes and different desserts.


Lemongrass is a herb that is known as the signature ingredient in these recipes. This herb is available all over in the market, in both fresh and dried forms. The fresh ones are used in cooking, while the dried ones are used in herbal teas.


Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that has to be soaked in water before use. The flavors are absorbed by water, and it is the water that is used in the process of cooking later.

Chinese Mushroom

Chinese mushroom is dry ingredients that are to be soaked in warm water before use. They are full of flavors and enhance taste once mixed with other ingredients. The stems of these Chinese mushrooms are very hard and hence not fit to be eaten.


The mint leaves are used in Thai soups, salads and fish dishes. They add a refreshing flavor to the Thai recipes.

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