Asian Recipes With Chicken: 5 Best Chicken Recipe From Asian Kitchen

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Who said that chicken recipes are all about deep-fried chicken coated with breadcrumbs? If you are bored with eating just a few types of chicken recipes, then it’s time to shake your taste pallet. And for that purpose, you may want to dive into some Asian recipes with chicken. After all, Asian cuisines of various countries offer a variety of spices. Apart from that, the different styles of cooking the chicken with the embellishments make them even more mouth-watering. So, let’s check out some Asian recipes with chicken and bring variety to your regular meal preparation:

Asian Recipes With Chicken: Pineapple Chicken

When it comes to old-school Asian recipes, pineapple chicken is one such recipe. Interestingly, it is one of the fastest Asian recipes with chicken too. However, the combination of pineapple and chicken sounds like a weird combination, but have trust in this Asian dish. It is an incredible dish that you never saw coming until you have really tried it for yourself. For adding a little heat to your pallet, add some jalapeno while cashews will take care of the crunch.

5 Exciting Asian Recipes With Chicken
Asian Recipes With Chicken: 5 Best Chicken Recipe From Asian Kitchen

Chicken Chow Mein

Chow mein is fun and also an easy dish to prepare. That’s why it’s a go-to dish for dinnertime and even serious hangover. When we opt for the take-out noodles over home-cooked ones, we are often left with disappointment. After all, it becomes cold, mushy, and sometimes we get it overcooked from the restaurant. But as you devote some time to make the chicken chow mein fresh at your home, you will never want to go for take-outs. Just give thirty minutes to storm up the chicken chow mein for relishing a sumptuous amount of home-cooked love. However, you must keep one thing mind that your noodles are not overcooked. 

Asian Recipes With Chicken: Korean Fried Chicken

Do you know that Korean fried chicken has a nickname? It’s “candy chicken” and is famous for the amazingly crunchy exterior. The fried chicken is coated with sweet-and-spicy sauce giving it the extra kick. There’s an interesting thing about the Korean fried chicken; its bone also becomes crunchy and edible if cooked well. For making the dish extra crunchy, you definitely have to use some tricks. Firstly, you must coat the chicken pieces with light cornstarch and a little bit of baking powder. As you add baking powder in the coating, it creates a reaction on the chicken skin. Therefore, when you put the chicken into the frying pan, it creates a lot fewer blisters and makes the exterior crispy. Prevent from using baking soda as it will give you an alkaline-like aftertaste.

Delicious Asian Recipes With Chicken
Asian Recipes With Chicken: 5 Best Chicken Recipe From Asian Kitchen

Asian Spicy Chicken Wing With Marinade

Do you want to become the cooking star among your friends and family? Then it’s time to know the making process of the irresistible spicy chicken wings. However, you have to know how to make a good marinade. It will make your chicken wings impossible to ignore, and people will want to have some more wings. The recipe’s main attraction is making the sauce rightly, and the rest will follow with the flow. The marinade for spicy Asian-style chicken wing is garlicky, sweet, and also spicy. Now you know why everyone will reach for it. However, when you would make the sauce, it will get sticky in the oven for sure. The juicy chicken wings coated with the marinade will make your mealtime special.

Honey-Garlic Chicken (Baked)

Surely, the baked honey-garlic chicken will be the favorite chicken dinner for many. As the chicken is an easy ingredient to get, people have a love-hate relationship to it. When you are making the same recipes with the chicken, you would definitely get bored with chicken. However, when you add some variety to the chicken recipes, the chicken gets back its limelight. So, if you haven’t tried the Asian honey-glazed chicken recipe, it’s time that you master the recipe. Once you and others dive into the mouth-watering taste of the baked chicken, you have to make more. Who won’t love the balance of salty, spicy, and citrusy taste in one delicious dish?

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