Asian Cooking Classes: Top 5 Cooking Classes In The World

Asian Cooking Classes

For many of us travel-lovers, trinkets are not the best souvenirs, but the cuisines of various places are. When you can acquire some skills during your trip, then that will give you a lasting feeling. And if you are a foodie too, then learning various preparation techniques and recipes will attract your interest for sure. If you are traveling to Asian countries, then these Asian cooking classes are for you to grab.

Many travelers enjoy traveling for their culinary love of the places where they visit. And when Asian countries have so many cuisines of different flavors, it definitely attracts food-lovers big time. So, there are lots of Asian cooking classes that are available for visitors to join in. Visitors are sure to enjoy a fulfilling experience as these classes are just for a few hours. Here are some Asian cooking classes that you should get into if you are visiting the following Asian countries:

Top 5 Asian Cooking Classes
Asian Cooking Classes: Top 5 Cooking Classes In The World

Asian Cooking Classes: At Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur

Are you visiting Kuala Lumpur soon! Then you must visit the Lazat Cooking Classes Kitchen 30 minutes away from the center. You can definitely enroll for full or half-day lessons. In this school of culinary, there are varieties of offers for you to enroll in. So, you can also opt for a variety of cuisines if you wish to learn them. Therefore, you get home with the rich cooking skills of various cuisines. Isn’t it a fulfilling experience for a food enthusiast like you?

Nagoya In Japan

If you really want to have some skills in making authentic Japanese dishes, you should visit Nagoya. There are lots of cooking classes in this city, and you can choose where you would want to go. You can learn to cook everyday Japanese meals like washoku, Japanese omelet, miso soup, rice, and Japanese style fried chicken. If you love Japanese desserts, you will love making rice cakes too. In most of these cooking classes, you get to make the dishes all from scratch.

Asian Cooking Classes: Ho Chi Minh In Vietnam

When you are in Vietnam, you are bound to try out the Vietnamese food there. And you will love some authentic Vietnamese dishes from the Vietnam Cookery Center. If you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, you should definitely visit the place to add to your culinary skill. Here you will get a tour to the food section of Ben Thanh Market as you register for the culinary classes. Also, you get to learn four classic Vietnamese dishes. You will definitely love the balance of sweet and spicy sauce.

Top Asian Cooking Classes Across Asia
Asian Cooking Classes: Top 5 Cooking Classes In The World

Orchha In India

When it’s about India, we know it’s famous for its delicious food all across the world. And what to say about the flavors of the dishes that you can taste, especially when you are in India! If you are in Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, you must try out Rajni’s Cooking Class. Rajni runs her cooking class from her home in the town. It is sure that after the class with Rajni, you will learn some Indian specialties with confidence. Don’t worry, Rajni provides her students with a detailed recipe card, so you don’t have to write them down hastily. And the bonus point is, you get to buy all the Indian spices from your cooking teacher, herself. So, you should definitely visit Rajni Cooking Class.

Bangkok In Thailand

In Bangkok, you can enjoy the Thai food classes from Silom Thai Cooking School. And you would love your trip along with the Thai food as you visit the city. There’s no doubt that the different menus every week will make you super excited if you love cooking. Interestingly, every menu would have one curry and one noodle dish. You will love to learn some authentic Thai recipes from the right people. In this school, you can also go on a market tour with your teacher and fetch the ingredients before cooking starts. Isn’t it exciting to experience all the culinary splendor? 

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