Asian Clay Pot Cooking- A Rich But Easy Cooking

asian clay pot cooking

Clay pot cooking is very familiar and requires less energy, and output is also fast. With a Chinese clay pot, you can take it directly from stove to table. The food will remain the same hot and bubble. After having a satisfactory meal, you can keep it in the refrigerator so that you save your energy by washing extra pots. A tasty Thai curry or other dishes in a clay pot will be a great impression on your guests.

Purchasing a Clay Pot

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If you don’t have a clay pot already, you can buy a new one with easy convenience. It will also cost less when you buy it from an appropriate place. Visit an Asian or Chinese store or market and select a medium-sized clay pot. It will be less expensive there than traditional/local shops; after purchasing, clean your pot roughly and dry it before cooking.

Cook with your Clay Pot

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Go along with your recipe and fill the pot with essential recipe ingredients. Don’t fill it to the top, leave someplace; half an inch will be enough for perfect crisp.

If You Are A Fresher In Clay Pot Cooking Then;

 To begin, set the stove at minimum heat for 4-5 minutes, and slightly turn up to medium flame for near 15 minutes. And then, you can go for higher heat. If the pot is not brand new so you can start with medium-low flame at the beginning. And after bubbling, you can decrease the flame to low. For getting the dish simmering well, put the lid over the pot.

Take off the lid after 20 to 30 minutes to make a stir in the recipe, and also to determine how long it needs time. Usually, meat dishes require 40 to 60 minutes to be cooked, depending on their thickness and texture. Green veggies and fish will take 5 to 15 minutes. Taste your dish and see if it is cooked.

When it is completely cooked, turn off the flame. Don’t touch the handles of your pot immediately. You may burn your fingers. Determine the temperature and use oven gloves to take off your dish. 

The lid should be perfectly placed. Lift the pot from flames carefully and move directly to your dining table. Use a potholder if your table needs prevention from heat. Take off the lid, and the perfect dish will be in front of your eyes and nose.

Tips and Tricks for Clay Pot Cooking

◆ Saucy dishes are perfect for clay pot cooking, such as soup, curry, or the same liquid dishes. The abundant and viscous sauce is a necessity. Otherwise, you may burn your dish.

◆ After finishing your meal, you can keep it leftover in the refrigerator. If your clay pot Cooled once, put it on the lid and keep it in the fridge.

◆ Making leftovers eatable, follow the same process you did for a new recipe. Start with minimum flame. High temperatures can break or damage your clay pot. Don’t heat the cold pot directly first; let the pot adapt to room temperature. And then slightly increase the temperature.

 ◆ Clay pots are not recommended to be used in Microwave, although they can be used in the dishwasher.


 An important fact to note down is that clay pot cooking requires less temperature than usual cooking because the latent heat of clay is much higher. So that you would save a lot of energy and fuel while cooking.

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