A Brief Guide To The Curry Rice Japanese Recipe

curry rice japanese recipe

Curry rice in Japan is a famous dish and is loved by both Japanese people and tourists. The curry rice also has an Indian version but the Japanese one is said to be sweeter, milder, and thicker. It is said to be an ambitious feat when one wants to cook this curry rice from scratch as even in Japan, people make it straight out of a packet. It is quick to make and will keep your tummy filled for a long time. If you are one of those aspiring cooks who want to cook Japanese curry rice, then here is the recipe for it.

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In order to make the Japanese Curry rice, you will need soy mince if you are a vegan and ground beef if you are a non-vegetarian. Protein in curry rice is a necessary ingredient and is incomplete without it. Onions are the fundamentals of any curry recipe and soy sauce to give flavor to the meatballs or soy mince. Another important ingredient is chopped mixed vegetables and raisins that add to the sweetness of the dish. A bowl of rice fresh or a day old works well for this delicacy. Now the primary material is the curry sauce mix cube that makes the whole dish a dish to be loved by all. Two tablespoon oil is all the food oil you will need.

Curry Rice Japanese Recipe: Process Of Cooking

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Take the soya mince, onions, soya sauce, salt, and pepper and mix them nicely to the core. The plan is to get all the flavors into the mice. After this add the frozen or freshly cut vegetables with raisins and keep them aside. Once the mixture is ready add the bowl of boiled rice and cut it into smaller bits with a wooden knife and add teaspoons of curry mix powder to mix well. Take a large skillet and heat it over a flame. Then put the two tablespoons of oil and heat it. Once the oil is all heated, you can put the whole rice mix and stir fry.

Curry Rice Japanese Recipe: Extra Tips

The creator recommends using one-day-old rice or rice that is only eighty percent cooked. This gives the rice to stay solid throughout the cooking process and get smashed. In this recipe, not much mixing and stirring is done as much as using the side of the paddle to break the rice. You can store the rice in a refrigerator and add tamari instead of soy sauce to make it gluten-free.


In addition, you can add some butter, chocolate, coffee, grated apple, honey, ketchup, mirin, Oyster sauce, Red Wine, Sake, Soy sauce, and yogurt. These will add to the flavor and taste of the curry and make your curry rice an experience to have.

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